🐶Dogs Show These Signs of Loneliness

🐶 Dogs share the same emotional complexity as human toddlers, which in layman's terms means that they are also capable of feeling happiness, sadness, jealousy, anger, and of course, loneliness.
We all want our puppies to live full, happy lives, but sometimes our schedules and busy lives can lead to dogs feeling lonely and anxious.

And dogs are as individual as humans, so the reasons they feel lonely may vary depending on the situation. While it's not easy to determine how your pup is feeling, some signs that your dog may be feeling lonely include ......

1⃣️ No longer as playful as they used to be
2⃣️ Licking themselves more frequently
3⃣️ sleeps longer during the day
4⃣️Displays destructive or aggressive behavior
5⃣️ seems more clingy
6⃣️ Changes in appetite
7⃣️Always howling when no one is around

🫶8 Tips to Ease Your Dog's Loneliness
🖌️ Train your puppy to accept your leaving
🖌️ Play difficult games to keep your dog's mind active
🖌️ Increase the intensity of your dog's exercise appropriately
🖌️Often take your dog to new environments frequently and socialize with other people and puppies
🖌️ Train your dog to greet you home as calmly as possible
🖌️ Take your dog with you when you go out to a destination that allows him to enter.
🖌️ Put on some calming music or white noise for your dog
🖌️ If the dog's personality and all aspects of the dog's condition are available, you can choose a pet daycare school

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