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🍖Delicious and nutritious snacks for your beloved pet!🐾

Pawup was a pet supplies company established in 2020. We aim to provide safe, allergen-free, and natural treats for pets. All our products are made with fresh ingredients and no additives used.
What is the status of pets when they raise their paws? Excitement, desire and happiness! When we had the idea to repay our loyal partners with full love, we decided to make some delicious and healthy snacks for pets, hoping to see them raise their lovely claws. In this way, Paw Up was born. Paw Up will use fresh and natural ingredients, including chicken, COD, pumpkin and sweet potato, and promise that the food will not contain grain, GMO and artificial colors. Meanwhile, Paw Up will adopt advanced processing and packaging technology to keep food fresh. If you lift up our elaborate snacks, pets’ paws will never come down. If they get and eat what you give, they will “paws up” again to express their wish for more.