10 fun facts about dogs

10 fun facts about dogs

In order to better understand dogs, it's necessary to understand their language. Here's some useful knowledge about dogs to share with you:

1. Dog hearing is 16 times greater than human hearing. If your dog is barking for no reason, don’t worry, it’s not a thief in your home. It must be that your dog has heard a sound from far away.

2. If your dog hums a few times while sleeping, don’t disturb him. He is having a sweet dream. You must not touch him at this time. Be careful, the consequences will be serious.

3. The dog rubs everywhere after taking a bath, just to get rid of the smell of shampoo. Unexpectedly, the dog doesn’t like the scent you like so much, just like the scent he likes, you may not like it either lol.

4. The dog tilts its head not to be cute, but to listen more clearly.

5. The owner’s smell will stimulate the dog’s brain and make the dog feel excited and happy. Even the smell of your feet fascinates him, so dogs have a special liking for socks and shoes. If you have a deep relationship with your dog, he will lie down and savor the smell of your feet after he smells it. 

6. Dogs like to eat sweets very much, but chocolate is definitely an exception. Dogs are prone to death after eating chocolate, so this should be emphasized!!!

7. If the owner often neglects the dog, it is easy for the dog to suffer from depression and anxiety. The main manifestations are inactivity, bad temper, etc. However, some dogs can also play happily alone.

8. Among the most annoying smells for dogs, durian ranks first because the pungent smell of durian can damage dogs’ sensitive sense of smell.

9. The pattern on a dog’s nose is the same as a human’s fingerprint. It is unique and has recognition function. In the future, there may be technology to unlock the pattern.

10. A dog’s skin metabolism takes 21 days, so you cannot bathe your dog frequently.