10 Signs of a "Good Dog"

10 Signs of a "Good Dog"

1️⃣Gentle "dog"sonality
One is born with a lazy personality, and the other is influenced by the owner, who usually treats the dog more gently and carefully, and the dog becomes gentler, will not attack people, and can get along well with the family.

2️⃣Silently accompany you
Dogs can feel the mood swings of their owners. When you are in a low mood, they will stay by your side quietly without making any noise. This is also a sign of a good dog. After all, dogs are very spiritual.

3️⃣Not picky about food
In fact, it is very common for dogs to be picky eaters. It not only wastes food, but also makes the owner upset. But if your dog has never been in this situation and will eat whatever it wants, congratulations on raising a good dog.

4️⃣Looking after homes 
Dogs are very sensitive animals and can clearly distinguish the smell of owners and strangers. When a stranger knocks on the door or comes in, the dog will bark to remind the owner to pay attention to safety.

5️⃣Very loyal
Under any circumstances, no matter how much temptation you face, your dog will always stand by your side unswervingly. Congratulations, you have established full trust with your dog.

6️⃣ Very protective of their owner
For all external risks you encounter when you are out, such as when faced with the barking of other dogs, it will not hesitate to show its fighting posture and rush out to save you; or if it falls into the water, it will rush in to save you without thinking. 

7️⃣High obedience
Some dogs are as intelligent as seven or eight-year-old children, have independent thoughts, and may sometimes be rebellious; but if your dog obeys your orders 100%, congratulations, you have a rare dog. good dog

8️⃣Do not contradict when you are beaten or scolded
Dogs all make mistakes, but some dogs behave so confidently that they make their owners angry. If your dog behaves obediently to your reprimands after making a mistake and accepts the punishment obediently, then you must cherish it!

9️⃣Let down their guard against you
Most of the time, dogs will remain wary of the outside world. If your dog is with you and does not get angry no matter how much you "ravage it", or simply lies flat on the floor with its belly exposed, it has already Completely trust you

🔟Look back at you when you take them out
When you take your dog for a walk or shopping, usually the dog likes to walk in front of people. If it always stops and looks back at you, it proves that you are important to it and that it is worried about you.