10 Things to Avoid When Bringing Home a Dog

10 Things to Avoid When Bringing Home a Dog

Don't panic if you're new to picking up your puppy!
I've organized everything you can't do.
If you're planning to get a dog, save it so you don't lose it 👐!

Don't bathe your dog
🔹Newly arrived dogs have weaker resistance and are not used to the home environment.
Wait for about two weeks to get used to it before you give it a bath.
Even if the dog pees in the crate and smells a bit
You can't bathe it right away.

No excessive intimacy/playing
🔹 It takes about a month for a dog to learn to recognize its owner.
So don't be overly affectionate or play with your dog right away.
This may scare the dog
Don't feed the dog food directly
🔹Don't feed your dog dry dog food when you pick him up.
Use some warm water to soften it before giving it to your dog.
Especially if the dog is less than 3 months old

Don't feed homemade dog food
🔹For new dogs, follow the feeding habits of the original dog first.
Otherwise the dog is prone to diarrhea, vomiting and so on.

Do not directly let lie on the ground
🔹No matter what the season is, don't let your dog sleep directly on the ground!
When the stomach gets cold, it's a lot easier to get diarrhea, and it's easy to catch a cold!

Don't disorganize the activity area
🔹Eat, sleep, play, and go to the bathroom in a clearly defined area.
This is a good habit to develop from a young age or you won't be able to change it when you grow up.
This will also help your dog feel secure
No small sharp toys
🔹This kind of small toys placed in the low place, easy to be accidentally eaten by the dog
And puppies have no sense of danger, so it's easier for them to accidentally eat these things.
Remember to put away earphone wires and the like.

Don't take medication during vaccination period
🔹Don't take any antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. without special circumstances.
If you have a cold, cough or diarrhea, try to use b Chinese medicine
or active probiotics.

Don't over pamper
🔹 Don't love your dog so much that you don't want to put him in a crate!
Dogs can accept half-cages, just pay attention to the size of the cage.

Keep your dog warm in winter.
🔹 If you pick up your dog in winter, don't let him sleep directly on an electric blanket, as this can lead to excessive water loss and constipation.
Don't feed your dog too cold food either, dogs don't really like to drink cold water

Keep your dog fully vaccinated
🔹Don't take your dog out without a full set of vaccines, as dogs with low immunity are susceptible to virulent infections.
Dogs have low immunity and can easily get infected with virulent infectious diseases!

Don't sleep with your dog too often
🔹Don't let your dog go soft when you hear its pitiful grunts and let it sleep with you or place it near you to sleep.
Otherwise the dog will always prefer to sleep near its owner when it grows up and will be inseparable