10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy and Satisfied

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy and Satisfied

For dogs, being able to stick to their mom and dad 24/7 is the best thing ever ☺️
Other than that, what are some other things that can make them happy?
Check these out 👇🏻

1. Experiencing things with your dog!
▫️ Watching movies together & trying new foods & birthdays

2. Be grateful for what your dog can teach you
▫️ Be thankful for your dog's wholehearted love
▫️ Be thankful for your dog's unconditional trust
▫️ Be thankful for your dog's companionship

3. Prepare a little surprise for your dog 
▫️ Come home with a surprise toy
▫️ Decilious snacks (For example, PAWUP!)
▫️ Give extra time to be able to fully be with them 

4. Let your dog try more and follow their choices
▫️ Try a variety of foods 👉🏻 canned/raw bones/freeze-dried/air-dried foods ➕chicken/duck/rabbit/cow/sheep/deer/goose/quail/ostrich/partridge/shrimp
▫️ Variety of toy materials and styles
▫️ Multi-sensory training games, Hide & Seek toys & educational toys

5. Meet a lot of new friends to play together
▫️ Take them to dog friendly parks & water parks & beaches

6. Teach your dog how to grow up in human society
▫️ Teaches dogs to play politely
▫️ Teach your dog obedience commands
▫️ Teach your dog what not to eat 👉🏻 can effectively prevent your dog from accidentally eating dangerous objects and harmful things ‼️

7. Let them know they don't have to be grown up
▫️ Let themselves go crazy sometimes 
▫️ Let them make more friends
▫️ Roll around in the grass as much as they want

8. Let your dog have lots of play time
▫️ play frisbee
▫️ playing with a ball
▫️ run around with abandon
▫️ sunbathing

9. Be genuinely friendly to your dog
▫️ Be honest with your dog
▫️ Respect your dog
▫️ Trust your dog

10. Care & pay attention to your dog every day
▫️Always pay attention to your dog's health and physical condition
▫️ Keep an eye on your dog's mood
▫️ Keep an eye on your dog's fecal condition

Dogs are really very simple, all they think about is us ❤️
No matter how old or how big they are, dogs will always be the most adorable little angels!