4 Mistakes in Cooking Dog Meals at Home 🥗

4 Mistakes in Cooking Dog Meals at Home 🥗

1. Rationing randomly
Dog meals are easy to lack of trace elements are iodine, calcium, zinc, manganese, other nutrients are easy to obtain directly from daily ingredients.
So on the big framework of "meat + fish + vegetables", special ingredients and supplements are often needed to supplement iodine, calcium, zinc and manganese.

🙋 It is important to realize that long-term iodine deficiency causes thyroid disease; calcium deficiency causes bone deformities and muscle weakness; zinc deficiency causes anorexia and dermatitis; and manganese deficiency causes loss of muscle strength.

Normally, you can supplement iodine with kelp and nori, calcium with calcium powder and bone meal, zinc with oyster and zinc tablets, and manganese with manganese tablets.
(Specific reference can be made to the international AAFCO/NRC nutritional requirements)

2. Proportioning Anxiety, Losing Patience and Giving Up on Homemade
Many parents have time to give fresh food, do annoyed to feed a handful of dog food, so randomly changing food will cause damage to the intestines and stomach of small and medium-sized dogs.

👩🏻‍🍳 In fact, there is no need to be anxious, the dog's nutrition can be balanced in a cycle, this cycle can be 1-2 weeks.

If you are really insensitive to meal preparation, we suggest you just do meal preparation only or phase to balance the nutrition well. If you don't eat enough today, make up for it in the next couple of days; if you over-eat in the last couple of days (internal organs are easy to over-eat), cut back later on, so you don't have to always hold on to a calculator to get a meal allotment.

❤️ As for whether the intake of nutrition is sufficient, it is recommended to bring the dog half a year for a physical examination, to see the physical examination report to determine whether the nutrition is too little or too much is more reliable.

3. Unhealthy cooking methods and additives
🙅‍♂️ do not recommend that you use frying, sautéing, grilling and stewing, high temperature will make the nutrition loss. Recommended steaming way, can eat raw vegetables directly raw; do not add cream, butter, animal oil, flour, beverage milk and other deep-processed ingredients, is the long-term health benefits of the dog's meals

4. Don't follow random recipes
⚠️ Many people think that the higher the protein in dog rice, the better, or that internet recipes must be good. These concepts are wrong, for example, a diet with lots of meat and offal is only suitable for large dogs, and small and medium-sized dogs are prone to pancreatitis, kidney disease or high cholesterol if they copy it.

🐶 It is Recommended to make food for small and medium-sized dogs with 6:4 or 5:5 ratio, especially the more sensitive stomach small dogs, protein and liver can not be too much. Weak stomachs also pay attention to duck and pear, mushrooms, meat tendons, beans and other foods that tend to cause soft stools.

🥗 Dog meals are not just about nutrition, it's more important to figure out a recipe that suits your abilities and your dog's body. Putting forth the care that goes into making baby supplements is the only way to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Hope all 🐶 eats happily and grows strong every day~!