5 Signs Your Dog is Up to No Good

5 Signs Your Dog is Up to No Good

Don't be deceived by your dog's lovely appearance ~ If you observe their behavior carefully, you will find that they can be very sneaky sometime! 

▶️Took a long walk before pooping
An indispensable activity for raising a dog must be walking the dog. The purpose is to help the puppy consume energy and defecate. If the dog comes home as soon as it finishes pooping, the dog will learn the rules over time. When the dog doesn't want to go home so soon, it will hold back and refuse to poop, deliberately prolonging the time to play outside.

▶️Pretend to be pitiful after making a mistake
Smarter dogs have this trick. After making a mistake, before the owner can scold it, it starts to pretend to be pitiful, trying to avoid the command in this way. Many owners can't bear to let their puppies go. When the puppies know that this trick works, they will use it next time.

▶️Selective deafness
Many people don’t know that the hearing of puppies is 16 times that of humans, and no small movement can escape the ears and eyes of puppies. When your puppy doesn’t want to talk to you, or when it does something it doesn’t want to do, it will deliberately pretend not to hear you. If you don’t believe it, try saying “go out and play”.

▶️Hide snacks
Sometimes you reward dogs with snacks and you will find that they finish them quickly. In fact, as soon as the dog hides the snack with its front paws, it will go to you with its back paws to ask for another one. 

▶️Picky eaters and skipping meals
When you feed your dog with food, your dog doesn’t look at it and then walk away after smelling it, as if it doesn’t want to eat it. In fact, the purpose is to let the owner see its disgusted look, so that the owner may feed them with more delicious food. If the owner really does this, he will have fallen into the dog’s little trap.

Has your dog done any of these things?