5 Surprising Signs Your Dog Hasn't Recognized You Yet

5 Surprising Signs Your Dog Hasn't Recognized You Yet

❌1. Avoiding you on a daily basis
A dog's usual behavior is something that can reflect their feelings towards you.
If in the process of getting along with the dog, the dog always seems to avoid you, you are close to them on the performance of fear, and have to stay away from you, hide in the corner of the home, you can imagine, the dog is what feelings for you.

❌2. Ignores you
A dog that recognizes the owner and loves the owner will protect the owner, and if the owner has something to do, they will show nervousness and worry.
But if your dog in you have something, such as their own hurt, bullied by others, etc., the dog saw the indifferent, this may be it did not recognize you as the master.

❌3. You cannot summon them
One of the more fulfilling things about owning a dog is that once you shout at the dog it dashes over.
If a dog, no matter how the owner shouts its name, in what way to summon them, they are indifferent, shouting can not shout over, that it simply did not put you at ease, you are as if it is transparent.

❌4. More like others
Recognize the owner of the dog, in the dog's heart, the master's position is unshakeable, no one can replace.
But the dog to their own master and to others, did not distinguish the status, compared to the master, they show more like others, more willing to get close to others, willing to go with others, this is the dog did not recognize the master of one of the performance.

❌5. Not let you touch them
Generally, dogs are very happy and enjoy their owners touching them.
But if a dog never lets you touch it, no matter what part of its body, it can show that the dog is not familiar with you, and even more so, it does not really take you as the master.

Does your dog have any of these behaviors?