6 Dog Behaviors To Help You Understand Them Better

6 Dog Behaviors To Help You Understand Them Better

Although dogs cannot speak human language, they can express their thoughts through actions. Dog owners need to understand the meaning behind the dog’s actions in order to have a happy relationship~

1- Licking your face/feet...

The main reason why dogs lick their owners is to express love. When dogs bend down and lick their owners, they are mostly trying to please their owners. When they lick people's feet, they show their submissiveness to their owners. When your family When your dog is very enthusiastic and his body becomes soft and licks you, it means that your dog likes you very much.

2- Throwing toys in the mouth

When dogs play with some toys, they may shake things in their mouths. This is all related to their wolf ancestors. They will show biting behavior similar to that of their wolf ancestors. In the past wild hunting period, they would bite the prey after capturing it. The prey is swung from side to side in order to inflict fatal injuries to the prey. This innate predatory instinct is still retained in dogs. For today's dogs, toys are like prey. Therefore, when they bite the toy, they will also instinctively show this habit of preying. Of course, this behavior in dogs is just a simulated form of entertainment.

3- Lying/snuggling next to you

Dogs like to feel the warmth of their own group, and you are a member of that group, so this behavior is a way of showing their love for you. They are also able to mark their territory in this way, which is why some dogs will more naturally sit on their owner's feet or snuggle up next to them when guests come over.

4- Dogs Feeling Unwell

When dogs feel uncomfortable, in addition to licking themselves to relieve the uncomfortable feeling, they will also lick their owners to attract their attention, hoping to get help and comfort. If a dog suddenly stops eating, it may It is a physical problem that causes loss of appetite. Dogs generally don't like to move when they are listless. The nose of a healthy dog is generally moist. A dry nose indicates that the dog is in a sub-healthy state. If your dog has a runny nose and a cough, he may have a cold. When a dog has diarrhea, the director needs to find the cause and treat it promptly.

5- Feeling nervous

Dogs may scratch their fur or lick their noses to relieve tension and fear. It also yawns to relieve surrounding tension.

6- Feeling Hungry

When dogs feel hungry, in addition to licking their mouths, the other behavior is to lick their owners. This is actually part of their nature. After all, when they were young, they licked their mothers to ask for milk.