6 Flavors Your Dog Doesn't Like, Be Aware!

6 Flavors Your Dog Doesn't Like, Be Aware!

Dogs' sense of smell sensitivity is 1200 times that of humans, so what we consider to be an irritating odor is a strongly irritating odor to dogs. The following six kinds of odor is the dog hates to smell, usually must pay more attention to avoid the fur child is hurt.

🌸Spicy condiments
Like chili, pepper, mustard and such condiments containing irritating odors, we humans smelled to resist sneezing, the dog smelled more than may hurt the dog's nose, and may even increase the burden on their stomach and intestines, so do not let the dog to consume or smell these condiments.

🌸Smoke flavor
The dog's respiratory system is similar to that of humans, and the chemicals in inhaled smoke will be deposited in the lungs and enter the blood circulation, long-term inhalation of second-hand smoke will reduce the dog's immunity, causing harm to the dog's body, and the smell of smoke will also stimulate the dog's eyes, resulting in redness or tears in the dog's eyes, so try to avoid the dog's exposure to the smell of smoke.

🌸Perfume odor
The dog's olfactory mucous membrane is distributed with a large number of olfactory nerves, so the dog is through the olfactory mucous membrane to feel the odor, strong perfume will stimulate the dog's olfactory mucous membrane, resulting in the dog sneezing.

🌸Mint flavor
Items containing peppermint (e.g., windex, eau de toilette, etc.) can cause discomfort and resistance in dogs. The smell of peppermint is very irritating to dogs, and it can even cause them to feel uneasy and fearful.

🌸Gasoline odor
The smell of motor oil and gasoline on the car is very pungent and unpleasant, it is hard for people to smell, let alone dogs, you can't let your dog smell these things for a long time.

🌸Citrus peel
Tangerine, orange, lemon flavor is a very refreshing taste for us, but for the dog is with irritating, to avoid the dog contact.

🌸Foot odor
The stench of feet is also an irritating and very powerful flavor for dogs, some dogs like to play with shoes, and even drill into the shoes, which is a way for dogs to express their love, it does not mean that they like to smell the stinky feet, and if there is foot odor, it will even be contagious to the dog, resulting in the dog to get a skin disease!