9 Tips for Winter Pet Care

9 Tips for Winter Pet Care

Winter is already creeping in ❄️ How can we help our fur kids stay warmer through the winter?

🔺 Prepare a warm and cozy nest for your fur child:
You can take unused cotton clothes 🧥, blankets, etc. and lay them out where your beloved pet usually likes to nest to set up a thick, soft area out, or you can buy a special nest for fall and winter. They will nest in on their own when they are cold.

🔺 Use warming tools:
▫ Turn on the air conditioner, keeping the indoor temperature at 20°C in winter is just right for furkids, but you can't stay in an air-conditioned room for long periods of time, you need to keep the air circulating.
⚠ do not recommend using electric blankets and small sun heater, your furry friends are full of curiosity thus it's easy for them to bite the wires, which can easily cause the loss of moisture in the body of the fur child, also the small sun heater is easy to get their fur burned!

🔺Wearing clothes:
Some varieties of hair is relatively small, can not rely on their own hair to keep warm, need to wear clothes 👕 choose to be able to expose the limbs to facilitate the action of the clothes, if you can not adapt to dress also do not force!

🔺 More sunlight:
☀ You can reserve spots for warmth where the sun hits. You can also move your furry child's play tools to a sunny spot.
❣ How to eat in the winter 🍽

🔺 More nutrients: add more calories in winter, eat more meat, eat some animal liver properly, and your fur child will be more resistant to the cold 💪

🔺 Prepare warm water: water is easy to be cold in winter 💦 it's not good for the fur child's stomach and intestines, easy to have diarrhea, you can prepare water close to the temperature of the body temperature.

🔺Heat 🔥 canned food: canned meal packs and other food is too cold, can be soaked in hot water in advance before feeding, this can protect the stomach and intestines can also promote better absorption of nutrients!

🔺 Freeze-drying rehydration: winter is a good season for freeze-drying rehydration 👄! By rehydrating with warm water, you'll also get a delicious bowl of hot soup that provides moisture, calories and protein! All of which your furkids need in the winter!

🔺Delicious Pawup treats: During cold winter, your furry friend will need more nutrition to help them get through the weather and meets their daily energy needs. And Pawup does a great job at satisfiying them with our delicious treats!! Get them a bottle or two and enjoy winter with your beloved ones!