9 Tips of how to massage your fluffy buddy

9 Tips of how to massage your fluffy buddy

Head Massage

There are two ways to massage a dog's head: one is to gently stroke the dog's fur, and the other is to gently press the fingers together. If pressed in the appropriate position, the dog will comfortably squint its eyes.


Stroking the chin

A dog's chin is something it usually cannot touch, so it craves to be touched. A dog has a lot of fur and meat on its chin, so you can rub it as you want, and the dog will feel very comfortable.


Massage the face

Your dog's face is full of nerves, and a gentle press can make them very comfortable and happy.

You can follow the dog's hair and rub their face, they will lick you with their tongue when they feels happy, and you can gently pull out their upper lip to check the health of their teeth.


Rubbing Ears

Dogs' ears are rarely touched by themselves, but they do need to be pressed. Pressing your dog's ears can help them reduce stress and anxiety. However, dog's ears are exceptionally sensitive and need to be pressed gently. Stand your dog's ears up first. Use your hand to gently pull the ear flap, remember to never hurt it.


Neck Massage

Due to the shape of their body structure, dog's neck is not only easy to itch, but also easy to strain. Therefore, if you can massage your dog's neck when you are playing with them, they will be very happy. You can start from the back of the ear and go gently scratching to help them relax their neck muscles.


Paw massage

Give your dog paw massage, not only can make them feel comfortable, but also can increase the sense of trust and intimacy between you and your dog. Dog paw press is actually very simple, hold your dog's paw in your hand and gently draw circles on the back of your dog's paw, between the toes.


Massage the legs

If your dog's bones have ever been traumatized, when it enters old age must often help TA press the legs, can reduce the chance of arthritis. Pressing your dog's legs on a regular basis can also help relax the leg muscles, reduce joint wear and tear, and protect the joints.


Stroke your dog's back

Usually stroking the dog's back, the dog will lie down with the owner, this is TA in the owner to enjoy the touch, shoveling officer must be from the head down along the hair slowly stroking, and then up, so repeatedly, the dog will be comfortable grinning!


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