Avoid These 5 Dog Walking Mistakes

Avoid These 5 Dog Walking Mistakes

Walking a dog is something that dog owners do every day, and it's important to note that if you don't walk your dog the right way, it can be very damaging to your dog ‼️ Here are 5 wrong ways to walk your dog, remember to avoid them.

👉 Leash too long or too short
✅The right way to do it:
Use a leash of about 90 cm for places like streets with lots of people, and use a leash of about 185 cm for places like park lawns with fewer people.

👉 Walking the dog too long or too short
✅Correct practice:
Puppies should be less and many times, adult dogs, then 45 minutes - 2 hours, appropriate to do some obedience training, walking, or play games, etc., older dogs 30 minutes - 1 hour, specifically according to the dog breed size to adjust the time, mainly to walk the main, to avoid doing running and jumping, climbing and so on.

👉 Often the same road walks
✅ Correct practice:
Pet owners can occasionally walk other routes to let the dog familiarize itself with the surrounding, even if the dog is lost it can walk home by itself. And the new route is more curious for the dog and more focused on the walk, which can effectively consume the dog's physical energy.

👉 Going out for a walk before the vaccination is finished
✅Correct practice:
Be sure to finish your dog's vaccinations on time and deworm it well before taking it for a walk, after all, good health is important!

👉 Walking your dog just after dinner
✅ The right thing to do:
Walking time can be at least 1-2 hours apart after meals, or you can choose to walk your dog before meals. Owners should also pay attention to the dog's intestines and stomach, and can feed it dog food with high digestibility that cares for the stomach and intestines as the staple food on a daily basis.