Being alone is really stressful for dogs, do you really know that?

Being alone is really stressful for dogs, do you really know that?

Because of work 💼 and lifestyle, some pooper scoopers are not able to be with their dogs every day, so dogs have a lot of time to be alone by themselves.

But when the dog is alone, is it happy? Is it having a good time ❓ 

Dogs are actually under a lot of stress when they are alone

Dogs are pack animals, so they need to interact with you at least a couple times a day.

Most of us need to work from 9 to 5, and the time we get home to allocate to interact with our dogs is already scarce. Technically speaking, we don't actually have a particularly large amount of time to spend with our dogs in close proximity all the time throughout the year.

With a lack of care and companionship, dog interactions can become progressively more agitated and hormone levels can get out of balance. Vandalism and housebreaking behavior may ensue.

This can be made worse if you choose to crate him ......

So how do you make your dog better at being home alone ❓

Most people are looking for a way to not want to change themselves, just their dog, which is actually a bad idea. Instead of trying to figure out how to get your dog to be better at being alone, give them more companionship time throughout the day. It may be tough at first, but the rewards are sure to be great.

You can try to get puppy day drags, try to be home for lunch time, work from home occasionally, or be brave and take your dog to work with you!