Boost Your Dog's Focus with These Useful Tips!

Boost Your Dog's Focus with These Useful Tips!

Is it normal for puppies to be "adolescent"? No, it's not! Training a puppy to focus during adolescence is much more valuable than teaching him to shake hands and roll around!

Being disciplined is not oppressive, and the notion of "puppy suppression and bossing around" is not necessarily beneficial. Stability and activity are not mutually exclusive, and trying to keep your dog calm is never a form of suppression. An adolescent puppy is supposed to be exploratory, but insensitive to commands? Immersed in their own world when they leave the house? A stubborn dog? The premise of knowing the rules is that the puppy should have enough concentration, in order to improve its concentration, you can try the following interaction ⬇️

1. Try to respond to its needs, look at me = it pays off!
What I do most is to make it feel that "playing with me is the most interesting thing", toys are only interesting if you play with me, in other words, interact with it more! Every time I call his name I reward him, every time I reach out he gets a treat, and I teach him one more word: look at me! Sometimes when he makes a mistake, we will habitually call him by his name, we can't let him associate his name=bad things

2. Rattles are a good thing!
The sound the rattle makes can be interpreted as a "mark" that you press when you get it right, and dogs associate that sound with good food. Because even if it's the same sound, we don't make the same sound every time we vocalize, so dogs can get confused, and rattles help us to more accurately express why we're rewarding our dogs.

3. Training Mistake: Don't Let Your Puppy See Reward Treats Ahead of Time
The disadvantage of inducement is that it may make the puppy blur the focus on the object instead of focusing on my eyes, explain: he is obedient because I have a good food in my hand!

4. Puppies do understand eye contact (done in a week)
1-2 days to train the dog to look at me, once the dog looks at me, I will praise it and give it a reward, after that I will do what I should do, and when it looks at me again in 30s, I will give it a reward, I will not talk to it, touch it, or look at it during this period of time.

3-4 days, I will reduce the food reward, and choose the reward when it looks at me for a long time and focuses on me.

5-7 days I will train outdoors, when there are outdoor sources of interference, the dog priority to look at me, I will give a big reward, gradually increase the outdoor sources of interference, slowly the dog will know what to do first look at me!

5. Outdoors situation: give the dog a little time to understand
The dog is excited to go out, always do not look at me how to do? I only call his name once, which time he looks at me, which time there will be a reward, if he does not look at me within 5s, I will tell him "no snacks" in front of him to put away the snacks, so that he knows that he has lost, and then repeat the name after a while, until he successfully look at me!
Puppies are individuals and make mistakes because they don't understand human rules. The only teacher of puppy growth is the time and companionship given by the owner.