Diseases Dogs are Prone to in Spring

Diseases Dogs are Prone to in Spring

Spring day and night temperature difference, viruses, bacteria grow in large quantities, while pets go out and greatly increase the frequency of activities, not careful dogs will be sick, the following kinds of disease owners must pay attention to.

√ Gastrointestinal disease:
Spring easily lead to food spoilage, if the dog ate spoiled food, easy to cause vomiting, diarrhea, triggering gastroenteritis.

√ Skin disease:
If the owner neglects the deworming of the dog, the dog is prone to various skin diseases.

√ Respiratory diseases:
Some dogs may be allergic to dust, which can lead to sneezing, watery eyes and some other symptoms, which can then lead to respiratory diseases.

√ Canine distemper:
It is a highly contagious disease that occurs mostly in spring and winter.

Precautions for keeping pets in spring:
□ Deworm regularly.
□ Wash paws after walking the dog home
□ Eat a healthy diet and keep food from getting wet and spoiled.
□ Regularly take your pet dog to a regular hospital for medical checkups and vaccinations.