Dog Behavior Language Analysis: 12 Common Behaviors

Dog Behavior Language Analysis: 12 Common Behaviors

Dogs don't speak human language, but they can express themselves through behavior and actions. As a qualified owner, we certainly need to understand the meaning behind our dog's behavior so that we can get along happily with our own dog.

Dropped Ears

When a dog encounters something that scares or worries him, the ears that used to stand up will slowly drop down

Tilting heads

A dog tilts its head as it tries to understand or hear what its owner is saying. If the dog tilts its head for a long time, it is important to note that the dog may have ear mites, ear infections and other problems.


Licking their noses

Dogs lick their noses to make themselves happy, and will keep licking their noses to relieve stress when they feel pressure from the outside world.

Showing their tummy

Tummy is one of the most vulnerable places of a dog, a dog showing its tummy in front of a human and with a relaxed expression shows that it is obedient to you and is showing trust to its owner. A dog that shows its belly when fighting with its own kind is showing that it is begging for mercy.


Barking is one of the ways dogs express their emotions. One or two sharp, rapid barks are a greeting to a companion; gradually higher barks are an expression of excitement; and persistent, rapid barks are an alarm.


In different situations, a dog's panting means many things. A relaxed expression and wagging tail to you means that it is happy; when the weather is hot, the dog breathes through its mouth to dissipate heat and cool down.

However, if the dog's tail is between its legs, and it keeps panting and licking its nose, it means that it is very nervous, and there must be something around here that scares it; if you find that the dog is panting while its nose is still in a dry condition, it is best to take the dog to the hospital for checkups.

Licking you

The dog licking you represents that he likes you and wants you to give him a loving touch as well.

Pouncing on you

Dogs will unconsciously lunge at their favorite person, but if they show their teeth in a grimace, they should stay away.

Hair shaking

Hair shaking is also part of a dog's body language. Dogs will also shake their fur to relieve stress when they are under pressure or being blamed.

Tail between the legs

This is the dog's instinctive reaction to fear, the owner can also give the dog a touch or toy to help it ease the tension.

Rubbing buttocks

When a dog's anal glands are clogged and inflamed, which can lead to difficult defecation and anal pain, the dog will rub its buttocks to relieve the discomfort.

Averted eyes

Generally, the dog with averted eyes, most of them have done "bad things" and are afraid of being scolded, so they don't dare to look at the owner's eyes.