Dog Heat Stroke Manifestations, First Aid, and Heat Stroke Prevention

Dog Heat Stroke Manifestations, First Aid, and Heat Stroke Prevention

⚠️ Heatstroke (not immediately with ice, ice water, will be rapid vasoconstriction of blood vessels, not conducive to cooling)

✔ indoor and outdoor access before walking the dog every day in the cool and ventilated place to ease the transition before entering a very hot or cool place
✔ Walking the dog when the dog panting in time to feed water
✔ Not leaving your dog alone in the car, which is hot
✔ high humidity can also heat stroke, such as rainy season
✔ Possible performance: walking unsteadily, depressed, shivering limbs

Touch the ear, the ear canal normal than the human hand temperature is a little higher, if you touch the stuffy burning feeling, that is the body temperature is too high, and the ear canal color is higher than normal red. Touch the stomach hair less place, see if the body temperature is high

✔ first aid when driving away onlookers, one is air circulation, the second is that the dog will be nervous, to let the dog relaxed
✔ Condition can be enema cooling

(1) Mild heatstroke
Performance: ① tongue exposed length more than normal, and tongue length and width will expand twice, tongue example see the first picture
② Breathing will be very rapid, loud voice

First aid measures: ① feed a small number of times room temperature water, keep the tongue cool and moist, do not get wet head; ② placed in a cool place; ③ wet belly, ③ chilled mineral water wrapped in clothes or towels and then stick to the skin, put the inside of the limbs; ④ cool water soaked towel, cover the dog's flanks, every now and then pouring cool water; ⑤ soaked in a large basin, soaking while rinsing; ⑥ hand dipped in cool water, caressing ear canals


(2) Moderate heatstroke
①The tongue will expand to two and a half times its normal size after moderate heatstroke.
② tongue is normally pink and tender, moderate heatstroke color to dark red, deepening color
③With a lot of saliva flowing down, gel-like saliva, sticky, flowing down the sides of the mouth and will flow a long time
(4) more wheezing, may be accompanied by coughing, lying still

First aid measures: ① physical cooling, a lot of cool water (tap water on the line, not ice water) back and forth to flush the body, do not flush the head and mouth, ventilation; ② take alcohol with cotton balls or wet paper towels, to wipe the four palms of the feet, finger cracks, rubbing the fan after the blowing, repeatedly rubbing, while rushing to the hospital!

(3) Severe heatstroke
Manifestations: ① unrecognizable, convulsions, hitting the wall and other behaviors
② tongue will expand to three times or even more than three times the size of the tongue
③Tongue color purple, to purple-red, very dark, similar to pig liver color

First aid measures: ① cut to the nail blood line to bleed, cut five or six are fine (by bleeding to reduce blood pressure); ② physical cooling at the same time, belly wet, four feet with alcohol with a cotton ball or a wet paper towel, to wipe the four palms of the feet, the finger cracks, rubbing the fan after blowing, repeatedly rubbing the belly can be used to wipe with alcohol, ventilation, and immediately sent to the hospital!