Dog Knowledge

When would you buy toys for your dog?

Can't walk your dog yet as a puppy for fear of it getting too bored
Weather or personal reasons can not walk the dog, want to consume the dog's energy.

Or you want to cultivate the relationship with the dog, increase the fun and so on
Buy a lot of toys for dogs to play, but ...... how should owners play games with their dogs?

Principles of choosing toys

  • The first thing to know about choosing toys is how dogs know the world
  • Unlike humans, the order in which dogs recognize the world is their Nose - eyes - ears
  • When choosing toys, owners should follow this principle as much as possible
  • Encourage your dog to use his nose more

Time to play with toys

  • Play is the reward for walking your dog every day, and toys are only one part of play. Toys are only part of the playtime. Toys should not be used as a means of draining your dog's energy.
  • Fixed times and places to play Keeps the dog interested in the toy

Rules for playing with toys

  • Establish rules through play to control its excitement level
  • Play with toys in a way that is initiated by the owner and ended by the owner.
  • When the dog's eyes are always fixed on the toy, or when the dog wants to use its bark to dominate the owner to give it a toy, the dog's brain enters an obsessive state, and the owner needs to be patient and wait until the dog looks at the owner to return to a relaxed, respectful, and calm state before giving them a toy.

Recommended Toys for Dogs

  • Sniffing pads (or sniffing games at home with a blindfold)
  • Educational toys, food leakage toys, and more. (or sniffing games at home with a blindfold), educational toys, food leakage toys, etc.)


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