Dog Love Bones, But Are Them All Safe to Eat?

Dog Love Bones, But Are Them All Safe to Eat?

Perhaps we've all heard that phrase:"Dog love bones." But the fact is that, not all the bones are safe to eat for dogs. Check these tips below and master your knowledge in feeing bones!!

1. Do not feed them cooked poultry bones as they are flaky when your dog bite them, which will scratch their stomach and intestines

2. Raw poultry leg bone is not recommended to be fed to your furry friend as well, they are too sharp to bite. 

3. Safe parts of raw poultry bones can be eaten in small quantities, eating too much will lead to intestinal obstruction.

4. Large animal's load-bearing bones can not be eaten, they will cause irreversible damage to the teeth, some puppy results in teeth broken, some puppies grinding to the pulp after half a lifetime of continuous pain.

5. Cooked bones should not be fed
First, it has been calcified, dog's stomach cannot digest them. Secondly, the crumbs of the bones will absorb the water in the intestine and swell up, causing intestinal obstruction in minutes, and some puppies will have a section of their intestines necrotic and removed directly, which is very scary!

Bones that can be eaten:
Cartilage, crescent bone, brittle bone. Safe parts of raw poultry and small animal bones. Whips, hooves, sinews, skins, ears and other snacks, choose the amount and type according to the size of the dog.

Purpose of feeding bones:
1. To clean their teeth, but in fact, it is useless if you don't insist on brushing their teeth.
2. Calcium supplement, no need of that if you are feeding qualified dog food, it is only required when you feed them homemade food and the amount need to be calculated according to the ratio.