Dogs' favorite type of music 🎶 Did you know that ❓

Dogs' favorite type of music 🎶 Did you know that ❓

How many of your dog's favorite music do you know? Today say five kinds, the last two you never expected.

🎵1. Children's songs
Dogs in the early stages of IQ equivalent to human children stage, so they like to listen to children's songs, usually when you are at home, you can play children's songs to dogs to listen to, let them pass the time!

🎵2. Classical music
Classical music can help dogs relax and rest peacefully. If your dog is prone to restlessness and nervousness to sleep, then you may want to give your dog a listen to classical music by Beethoven and Mozart. There are many restless, tense, and short-breathing dogs who have had a good response to listening to it, and their breathing, heart rate, and restlessness have improved.

🎵3. Harp music
Harp music can bring relaxation and comfort to dogs, dogs hear harp music, their emotions will become calm, which helps to calm their emotions

🎵4. Pop music
Dogs like to listen to pop music, especially those with energy fast-paced, full of dynamic music, pop music can cause the dog's excitement, but pay attention to the speed of the rhythm and the volume of choice

🎵5. Rock music and reggae music
You may never expect that dogs will like these two types of music. But there are studies that show that. Dogs listening to slow rock music and reggae can be more relaxed and less stressed.