Dogs have been asking you for help for a long time 🆘 and you don't even know it ‼️

Fur children can not speak 💬, so even if the body appears a variety of diseases, but also can only through ✅ some performance, and shoveling officer to convey the "I am sick" message 🆘
There are 8 major distress signals dog owners should pay attention to ⚠️

1 Suddenly hiding 😣
When many dogs are sick, they will take the initiative to hide and hide in a corner, silently enduring the pain of the disease, hoping to get through it
They will not talk to their masters, they will only take the initiative to find a good position, hiding from people, and "ignoring" the owner's call!

2 Whimpering at you
Some smart dogs, if the body is not comfortable, it is also know how to find the master for help. The specific approach is to run to the master, low whimpering, barking is not like pampering, and the mental state is more general.

3 Appetite Abolition
Dogs suddenly eat very little food, or even do not eat, it is also the performance of the body is not comfortable, and often more serious internal body diseases, will lead to its appetite to waste.

4 Always shaking their head and flinging their head
The signals of the dog for help also include frequent head shaking and head tossing, in fact, the dog shaking his head will affect the brain's sense of balance, shaking more easily cause nausea and vertigo.
So the dog frequently shaking his head and shaking his head is bound to also be physically uncomfortable to ask for help, this is often and ear infections, parasites, ear mites related.

5 Frequently and easily panting
In addition to the naturally flat-faced, short-nosed dogs, other dogs suddenly appear easy to pant, shortness of breath behavior, are their signals for help.
This behavior indicates that the dog may have a respiratory infection, a lesion in the heart or lungs, or parasites (canine heartworm), and the owner should send the dog to the doctor for treatment.

6 Eye discharge
The sudden appearance of a large, unusual discharge from the dog's eyes is also one of the signals that the dog is sick and is asking for help.
In this case, the dog's eyes may be infected with an injury, or suffering from distemper, a type of malignant infectious disease, which leads to an increase in eye discharge.

7 Frequent licking and touching a certain part
Dogs are not like cats who love to be clean and lick their fur, if they lick a part of their body frequently, it means that they have health problems.
Usually there are parasites, skin allergies and inflammation, wounds and other reasons, the dog owner had better check in time to see if there is any abnormality in the part of the dog licking.

8 Likes to rub their butt
Dogs have nothing to do, like to rub their buttocks on the ground, the owner should also pay attention, this is the same dog help performance.
Generally it butt anal gland blockage inflammation, there are parasites, resulting in itching buttocks will only go to rub the ground.

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