Dogs that 'Tilt Their Heads' are Actually Smarter?

Every time a dog 'tilts their head' at me, it's a gentle blow to my heart! Many dog owners think that their dogs do this to act silly or cute, but in fact there is actually more mystery behind this action!

1. In order to hear the sound more clearly in all directions.
Dogs have much better hearing than humans, and they can hear frequencies beyond our hearing. However, many dogs have "flop ears", and to overcome this, they like to lift their ears and tilt their heads to let in more sound.

2. To see better.
Yes you read that right! Many dogs tilt their heads because their nose is affecting their vision la. In order to get a clearer snap of their owner's face, they tilt their head to expand their field of vision.

3. Dogs that tilt their heads are often smarter!
Dogs usually tilt their heads when their owners are talking, so it's safe to assume that dogs are actually "thinking" when they tilt their heads. One study even showed that smart dogs tilt their heads 43% of the time, while the average dog tilts his head only 2% of the time. If your dog likes to tilt his head, it means he is smart!

4. This could also be a sign that your dog is sick ⚠️
A normal 'head tilt' usually only lasts a few seconds. But if your dog tilts his head for a long time, or even permanently, it's definitely time to take Ta for a checkup! It could be an ear infection or even a neurological condition ⚠️⚠️


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