Four Tricks to Figure Out Your Dog's ''Dogsonality!''

Four Tricks to Figure Out Your Dog's ''Dogsonality!''

Sensitivity test

Keep a distance from the dog, and squat down to face it, using sound
Use sound or swinging objects to attract the dog to come.

Sensitive: Flee in fear
Insensitive: Responds immediately, interactive, not very alert to strangers.
Calm: Indifferent, neither away nor close to the dog

Independence Test

Stand up and walk slowly to see if the dog will follow.

Self-confident: no need to guide it, it will actively follow you.
Tough: Follows actively and even surpasses you.
Wary: Hesitant, hard to step away from you
Calm: It doesn't pay attention to you at all.

Adaptability test

Squat in front of the dog, use your hand to limit the range of motion of its head
and look into its eyes.

Easy to adapt: Openly look at people
Do not adapt to the new environment: No strong resistance, but some wandering eyes.
Likes to be free: Constantly struggling, probably prefers to be free.

Boldness Test

Hold something in front of the dog and swing it to attract its attention.

Bold and brave: Quietly study and pounce and bite and grab.
Cowardly and timid: Ignore or hide.