Giving Your Furry Friend More Choices: 10 Tips

Giving Your Furry Friend More Choices: 10 Tips

Watching a movie or sleeping in? Working out or shopping? All are decisions we make on a daily basis for ourselves. But our dogs' decisions about what to eat, where to sleep, when to go out, and who to hang out with are all decisions made by their owners, which can sometimes make them feel unhappy. By giving your dog more choices, you can improve how they feel and usually cause them to show better behavior.

Animal Behaviorist KB saids that few dogs are born ready to live the "pet dog life" and that their autonomy, their instincts, are not valued in most cases - terriers digging in the dirt, shepherds nipping at children's heels - these are genetically built-in habits that have been called "behavioral problems". ". Dogs are faced with a human-centered world where daily life is full of challenges, and it is the responsibility of owners to help them and support their dogs by giving them more choices.

Giving choices to your dog and encouraging them to regain their autonomy helps to increase confidence and independence. It gives them the ability to make good choices without commands from their owners. It can improve off the owner's baby-like closeness to the dog.

1. Allowing them to destroy their own things out of excitement.
2. Allow them to enjoy nature unsupervised and in a fenced area.
3. Take a hike on a 5 meter leash in a sparsely populated wooded area. Keep them away from human influence and give them enough time to realize who they are at heart.
4. Let the dog follow its nose when choosing a walking route.
5. Provide it with a few more places to sleep than just a crate.
6. Let it pick its own toys for the day.
7. Let him choose whether to be petted or not, and if he walks away, don't force him.
8.Not all dogs are socializers, instead of letting him play with guests, let him relax quietly under the table for a while.
9. When approached by a stranger or unfamiliar dog, listen to him and choose another way out.
10. If there are no mandatory training sessions, give it a day off.

Many dogs' bad behaviors are exacerbated by a lack of choice or control. Observe your dog's body language, give them the freedom to quit if they don't want to do something, and never ignore a moment when they try to communicate with you. When we give our dogs the opportunity and skill to make better choices, even if it opens the door to working with them, we will see less bad behavior.

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