Guide to Homemade Dog Meals —— “The Forever Dog"

This guide summarizes what you need to know about eating in "The forever dog" book!

❥❥❥ Chicken and duck are cheap, high-quality proteins, but add red meat (mammal meat: beef, lamb, rabbit, etc. 🐮🐏🐰) in moderation, and switch back and forth between meats to get a more well-rounded nutritional profile than if you were to use a single type of meat!

❥❥❥ The offal is great, but you need to ration it, you can follow the "paw rule", which is about one paw a day 🐾.

❥❥❥ For storage, you can use the freezer compartment of your refrigerator to store your dog's rice.

❥❥❥ For nutritional supplements, too much supplementation can be a burden to your dog's body, so be sure to add it in moderation.
I prefer to replace seaweed powder with kelp and fish oil with deep-sea fish 🐟 It's not that supplements are bad, it's just that individuals have different dietary philosophies. Just like some people choose to take Vitamin C tablets some people choose to eat oranges 🍊

❥❥❥ Last warm tip: Don't use a meat grinder to grind cucumbers!!!! Cucumbers 🥒 and 🍅 tomatoes are good to eat directly raw ~
Let's make it together for your dog~💗💗💗💗💗!

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