Guide to Homemade Dog Meals —— “The Forever Dog"

Guide to Homemade Dog Meals —— “The Forever Dog"

This guide summarizes what you need to know about eating in "The forever dog" book!

❥❥❥ Chicken and duck are cheap, high-quality proteins, but add red meat (mammal meat: beef, lamb, rabbit, etc. 🐮🐏🐰) in moderation, and switch back and forth between meats to get a more well-rounded nutritional profile than if you were to use a single type of meat!

❥❥❥ The offal is great, but you need to ration it, you can follow the "paw rule", which is about one paw a day 🐾.

❥❥❥ For storage, you can use the freezer compartment of your refrigerator to store your dog's rice.

❥❥❥ For nutritional supplements, too much supplementation can be a burden to your dog's body, so be sure to add it in moderation.
I prefer to replace seaweed powder with kelp and fish oil with deep-sea fish 🐟 It's not that supplements are bad, it's just that individuals have different dietary philosophies. Just like some people choose to take Vitamin C tablets some people choose to eat oranges 🍊

❥❥❥ Last warm tip: Don't use a meat grinder to grind cucumbers!!!! Cucumbers 🥒 and 🍅 tomatoes are good to eat directly raw ~
Let's make it together for your dog~💗💗💗💗💗!