Have A Try of Bluey, A Cartoon that You Can Watch With Your Puppy!

Dogs can only see blue, yellow, and gray, white, and black, and ’Bluey' is made up of exactly those colors, and the storyline is very vivid and close to real life. The dog 🐶 also interacts with the animated plot, proving that he really understands it!


I think the plot is really so real and immersive. Bendit dad will always be calm and face Bingo and Bluey, mom Chili is also very gentle with the child, Bingo and Bluey will also be naughty, trouble and mistakes, but mom and dad will always be able to use the appropriate method to educate the child, rather than a blame tantrums, it really is to be friends with the child 🧑‍ 🤝‍🧑 Some of the various storylines of their family are literally acting out the daily life of every family nowadays.


Really teaching us how to be parents, how to communicate with our children, how to educate and accompany our children 👶 7 minutes an episode looks really fascinating!

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