Hello ❗️ Let's Clear Up the Confusion About Puppies

Hello ❗️ Let's Clear Up the Confusion About Puppies

Puppy world has puppy rules! As a pooper scooper, it's essential to know the rules of puppies 👀 Have you ever misunderstood any of these puppy behaviors to know the world 🤔?

⭕️ Likes to sniff your crotch - Hooliganism ❌ Say hello ✅
Dogs actually learn about the world by sniffing. And this just happens to be the place where you have a strong odor, so the dog will confirm your information through sniffing.

⭕️ Staring at you going to the bathroom - Wanting to eat poop ❌ Protecting you ✅
For dogs, when they go to the toilet is when ta are most vulnerable! So when you go to the toilet, they also think you will be in danger, so they come to be your guardian knight!

⭕️ Riding across other dogs - Wanting to fall in love ❌ Declaring sovereignty ✅
Dogs riding across is actually not the same as being in heat. Sometimes female dogs also appear to ride across other dogs, which is a kind of action in dog socialization, on behalf of the conquest, declare sovereignty.

⭕️ Crooked head look at you - Acting cute ❌ Listen carefully ✅
Because of the dog's special facial structure, so they crooked head to listen carefully! 

⭕️ Cocked Butt - Give you a sniff ❌ Warmly invite to play ✅
Dogs cocking their butts at you, congratulations! It is the meaning of like you, just like turning belly, is also a warm invitation to you, quickly and puppy play together!

⭕️ Yawn when scolded - Unrepentant ❌ Embarrassed ✅
The dog yawns and looks to the right and to the left when he is being educated, it is not that he is going to be a scoundrel, but he is very nervous in his heart and is expressing to you "I am wrong" to relieve the pressure by these methods.