Hot Facts About Dog Sleeping

Hot Facts About Dog Sleeping

1. Dogs do not have a more fixed sleep time, 24 hours a day can sleep, they will sleep when they have the opportunity, but the more concentrated sleep time is mostly around noon, two or three o'clock in the morning, and the length of sleep varies from day to day.

2. When the dog sleeps, always like to hide the mouth in the two lower limbs below, this is because the dog's nose sense of smell is the most sensitive, to be well protected, but also to ensure that the nose is always alert to the situation around, in order to respond at any time.

3. Older dogs and puppies sleep longer, younger and stronger dogs sleep less.

4. Dogs are usually in a light sleep and can be awakened by the slightest movement, but there are times when they sleep deeply. After a deep sleep, the dog is not easy to be awakened, and sometimes issued a dreamy murmur, such as barking, moaning, and accompanied by twitching of the limbs and the head, ear shaking; light sleep, the dog was lying down posture, head bent between the two front paws, and often have an ear close to the ground.

5. If the dog does not get enough sleep, the ability to work is significantly reduced, and there are many mistakes, sleep deprivation, can also make the dog mood worse. A sleep-deprived dog is usually prone at every opportunity and is reluctant to get up, yawns a lot, and has lifeless, scattered eyes.

6. Dogs don't usually sleep when they are outside; they will only sleep when they are at home and the dog is relaxed.