How to Read Your Dog's Mind From Behavior

How to Read Your Dog's Mind From Behavior

1️⃣ Curl up!
🔺 If you notice your dog hunching over like a baby and trying to make itself as small as possible, then it's easy to understand that it's really, really scared. Dogs that do this are most likely being abused, so if you notice your pet showing signs like this, you need to be gentle with him and give him more love.

2️⃣ Tongue Flashes
🔺When your dog sticks his tongue right out of his mouth and immediately retracts it, it means that there is some unwanted contact with some unwanted person or some unfamiliar person who makes him feel uncomfortable, which makes your dog feel anxious.

3️⃣ Suddenly sitting on your feet
🔺 It may be doing this to get really close to you, wanting to get up close and personal with you being unguarded against you. If you understand your pet well, you'll be able to figure out which explanation works best for this situation.

4️⃣Crawl into your bed!
🔺If your dog climbs on your bed, this also represents his playful and playful nature, which also shows that he wants to be close to you, cuddle and has full of love for you, and by doing this, the dog is getting attached to you.

5️⃣ leaning on your lap
🔺If a dog does this suddenly, when you're constantly walking around, it could mean that he's trying to soothe you and also make himself feel more secure. However, in general, it means he needs some love and attention or just wants to be close to you.

6️⃣ a paw in the air
🔺When a dog has one paw in the air, it's really just a reflection of their attention. If they lower their head and extend a paw, they are most likely aiming for something and will pounce on that.

7️⃣ Gives You Stuff
🔺When a dog brings you his favorite slobber-covered ball, or squeaky toy, if you would throw it away, you need to think again. Maybe you've just misunderstood the message the dog is trying to convey, and it's likely that it just wants to give you these things as gifts. This shows that he really loves you because he brought you what he needs and loves the most.