How to Recognize If Your Dog Feels Cold and Pet Care Suggestions for Winter Time

How to Recognize If Your Dog Feels Cold and Pet Care Suggestions for Winter Time

The weather is getting colder and colder ❄️, will our dogs 🐶 feel the cold? 🧣Presenting to you a dog 🐶 cold manual, hopefully this can help you better understand winter dog care!

👐 First of all, let's take a look at the temperature range of dogs. Humans feel most comfortable at 25°C to 30°C, while the temperature range for dogs is 0°C to 25°C. So the vast majority of dogs don't actually feel cold when we do! ✨

🐶 That cold tolerance of different breeds of dogs
For example, long-haired breeds such as Alaskan sled dogs and huskies are more cold tolerant, while short-haired breeds such as teddies are more afraid of the cold 🧊

❄️ So how do you know if your dog 🐶 is cold?
Observe the signs: watch for behavioral signs of the dog curling up, shaking, being unusually quiet, and lethargy.
Touch check: gently feel the dog's ears and paws, if the ears and body are cool, it means it feels cold!

🧥 Clothing suggestions to keep your dog warm
Long-haired dogs: Usually no extra warm clothing is needed.
Short-haired dogs: Wear a warm coat that is fleece and waterproof.
Small dogs: We recommend clothing that covers the back and belly to ensure that the entire body is protected from the cold.
Arrange for a warm and cozy kennel or blanket to provide a warm place to rest.

🛀Winter Washing and Care Recommendations
1️⃣Bathing frequency should be reduced in winter, excessive bathing may lead to dry skin or colds in dogs
2️⃣Choose gentle washing and care products and make sure to blow dry thoroughly after washing
⚠️ For those breeds that are prone to dry skin, consider using a moisturizing spray or lotion
📖 Trivia: Thermoregulation in Dogs

Dogs regulate their body temperature by breathing, so remember to keep the indoor air 🌬 circulating in cold ❄️ weather!