It’s a good sign that the dog is well-raised by you! How many do you know?

How long have you had your dog? How do you think you raise your dog? Let’s take a look at how your dog will behave if you raise it well.

1. Express their love
When a dog gets love from its owner, it will repay the owner in its own way. The dog will often act coquettishly towards the owner, want to hug you, nuzzle and lick you, and have a lot of physical interaction. It is obvious that it loves you, and there is so much love. It can't be hidden anymore, it can be seen at a glance

2. Walk flamboyantly
Dogs that are well-raised by their owners also have good intentions towards the world. When they go out, they walk with majesty and confidence. They look like dogs that have been "richly raised" and have nothing to worry about.
3. Sleep wildly
If your dog sleeps in a particularly wild and casual posture, and even sleeps with its legs in the air and its belly exposed, it means that it lives a very carefree and relaxed life in this home. The dog knows that you will not hurt it and will protect it. There is enough security here
4. Smiles sweetly
If your dog has a sweet smile on its face every day, then it must be very happy throughout its life without any worries. You can tell at a glance that it is well-raised by its owner. If the dog has a sad face all day long, the owner is You need to think about whether the dog has encountered something.
5. Clean appearance
The cleaner the appearance of a dog, the more the owner cares about it. Just imagine if you see a dirty dog, you will definitely think it is a stray dog at first glance. I know it’s not doing well. If your dog is always clean and tidy, it means you’ve raised it well.
6. Take the initiative to pick up the dog leash
The dog is very sensible and understands that it is necessary to put on the leash before going out, so that the owner can keep an eye on it. Every time it says to go out, it will take the leash and put it in the owner's hand. It will obediently wait for the owner to help it put it on, and it will be outside. It won’t run around or jump on people when walking, which shows that the owner is very attentive and is well-raised.
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