Master Dog Food Refusal Training

Master Dog Food Refusal Training

It's important to train your dog not to eat indiscriminately and not to pick up food from anywhere!

💡 Indoor food refusal training
1. Lead the dog indoors in a slightly open, undisturbed place to start training

2. Take a piece of dog food on the floor, when the dog goes back to eat, the owner immediately pushed the dog away, or hand over the food on the floor, at the same time, say “no eating!
3. Dogs no longer try to eat the food on the ground, then give the dog reward, so that the dog understands that the owner's hand can be eaten.
4. Repeat the training, increase the number of dog food until the dog sees the food on the ground and does not want to eat it, or hears “no food” and does not want to eat it.

⬇️ Expand the training:
Take the dog walking in a small area, during the time to throw a dog food to the ground from time to time, the correct response to give rewards, repeat 5-10 times can go to the outdoor training!

💡 outdoor food refusal training
1. Randomly find a few leaves instead of food, throw it on the ground, and at the same time, say “no food” and reward for correct response.
2. Change the training items, such as common outdoor branches, small stones, garbage, etc..
3. Start a small range of activities, observe whether the dog is picking up food anywhere, if so, stop or reward in time.

⚠️ Training Notes:

❌Throw the dog food on the ground do not pick it up in front of the dog and give it to eat, otherwise it will go against our training concept and the dog will be confused.
❌ Set a good command do not change the “no food” has been “no food”, the tone of the command should be differentiated from the usual play, so that the dog can feel that this is not the right thing to do.
❌ Do not starve the dog, try to properly meet the dog's eating needs, so that the dog at home to eat well eat full, will not think of other things.

⚠️ When the dog is outside picking up food, the shoveling officer found that must not directly hard tugging, which will make the dog nervous, so as to directly swallow the food. The pooper scooper needs to gently call the dog's name, pet it, and then slowly let the dog spit the food out.

💗 Different dogs react differently to training, you as a pooper scooper must remain patient and keep repeating the training to achieve more and more stable results.