Mighty Bites: PAWUP's 11 Favorite Dog Treats for Pit Bulls

Mighty Bites: PAWUP's 11 Favorite Dog Treats for Pit Bulls

Dogs love to chew and it’s not only because they find our stuff undeniably irresistible for reasons unknown to humans. They chew on table legs, couch edges, shoes, remote controls, toys and even your potted plants for several reasons:


  • “My human is asleep and I have no one else to play with. I must chew!” Yes, dogs get bored too!
  • “I hate being alone. When is my best pal coming home from work?” Our poor pooch experience stress and anxiety at times especially if he’s home alone.
  • “My teeth feel funny. I need to chew on something to relieve the weird feeling.” Dogs, especially the little ones, may experience pain due to growing teeth. Older dogs also need to chew to maintain strong jaws and keep their pearly whites in tiptop condition.


As you can see, it’s natural dog behavior to gnaw on anything they can get their paws on. Pitbulls are known to be masters at chewing and most of them can go through chew treats faster than the less aggressive chewers. So, what do pit bulls like to chew on? Pretty much anything within reach, but it’s highly recommended to give them Pitbull treats that are durable, digestible, safe and nutritious. Here’s a list of good dog treats for pit bulls.


Bully sticks

One of the most loved pitbull dog treats is a bully stick. It’s bull pizzle or muscle that’s slow-roasted in the oven to achieve the beef flavors dogs absolutely love. And when it comes to your dog’s nutrition, you can count on bully sticks for their high protein content, as they are some of the best treats for Pit Bulls. Make sure to get the right size for your power chewers and ones that you’re sure are 100% all-natural and digestible



When you have pit bulls going through and gnawing on your prized possessions, it’s time to get them chew treats that are known to be long-lasting treats for dogs. Antlers are rich in minerals, made without added preservatives and perfect for fur parents who can’t stand odor in their pets’ chew treats. If you’re worried about how these antlers are sourced, don’t worry as these treats are naturally-shed by elks and deers in Canada.


Himalayan Yak Chews

Who doesn’t love cheese? The Himalayan yak chew is basically a hard cheese snack created by Himalayan locals to chew on while working in the fields. But who says humans get to have all the fun chewing on this? Dogs love this ancient recipe made of yak or cow milk, lime juice, and a little bit of salt. Looking for a gluten-free, durable snack for your furkid? This chew is one of the best treats for Pit Bulls. You can’t go wrong with this ginormous dog chew!


Cow Hooves

Has your dog been a good boy lately? Give him some deliciously filled cow hooves! Choose from hard-to-resist flavors such as cheese and bacon, and peanut butter. Does your pitbull prefer a different filling? Not a problem! Pick a package of cow hooves that can be filled with your furkid’s favorite flavors.


Meaty Dog Bones

Wondering where you can get the best bones for pit bulls? Right here at Pawstruck! Meaty dog bones are sourced from grass-fed cattle — all-natural, delicious treats that can keep your pit bulls occupied while cleaning their gums and teeth. These nutritious chews are rich sources of minerals, calcium, and phosphorus that your furry pal needs in his daily diet.


Stuffed and Filled Dog Bones

Put some variety in your dogs’ treats with these delectable bones that are stuffed with cheese and bacon or peanut butter, as they make some of the best bones for Pit Bulls. Your pit bulls are going to have lots of fun licking the flavorful fillings off these femurs. Let them beat the stress and boredom with these long-lasting chew treats. Like cow hooves, you can also pick the hollow ones that let you choose your dog’s favorite flavors.


Bull Horns

These durable chews are a good alternative to antlers. Large dogs and aggressive chewers who are trying to shed some of that extra weight off can benefit from chewing on hollow bullhorns that are sourced from free-range cattle. If your pit bull doesn’t have any weight issues, treat him to some mouthwatering peanut-butter filled bullhorns.


Cow Ears

Rawhide alternatives such as cow ears keep dogs occupied with some chewing fun for a long time. These all-natural and 100% digestible animal ear chews can withstand the powerful gnawing of dogs with big appetites such as pit bulls. These chews may look strange to you, but dogs are in love with these tasty and nutritious dog treats that boast of supporting canine joint health.


Bully Stick-Rawhide Braids

Can’t decide between rawhides and bully sticks? You don’t have to make the hard decision. Bully stick-rawhide braids are made of your dog’s two favorite things to chew on! While classic rawhide chews are not advisable for power chewers like pit bulls, the combination with pizzle sticks make them one of the most durable chew products.


Esophagus Straps

Are you looking for good dog treats for pitbull puppies? Go for beef esophagus chews that come from grass-fed beef. You may wonder what’s so good about these strange-looking things. Well, they’re actually a single-ingredient dog treat which means that there are no artificial flavors or other toxic additives that may poison your pups. These chews come in medium (about 6 inches long) and large (approximately 10 inches long).


What Are The Best Dog Treats For Pitbulls?

Dogs easily get bored and anxious. They will chew on anything that they can get their paws on. As a fur parent, you may be worried what goes into the chew treats you’re feeding your pitbull with or if they’re durable enough to last a long time. The important thing is to ensure that these treats are not only nutritious, they’re safe pitbull dog treats as well.


Pit Bulls are renowned for their powerful build and affectionate nature. These loyal companions deserve treats that are not only delicious but also cater to their robust appetites and nutritional needs. PAWUP understands the importance of choosing the right treats for your Pit Bull, so we've curated a list of our 11 favorite dog treats that will keep your Pittie's tail wagging and their muscles strong.


  1. PAWUP's Beef Series

Pit Bulls love the robust taste of beef, and our Beef Series delivers exactly that. Made from premium beef, these treats are a protein-packed powerhouse, perfect for active Pit Bulls.


  1. PAWUP's Chicken Series

Our Chicken Series is a favorite among Pit Bull owners. Crafted with high-quality chicken, these treats are not only delicious but also a fantastic source of lean protein.


  1. PAWUP's Duck Series

Indulge your Pit Bull's palate with our Duck Series. The rich, unique taste of duck is sure to satisfy their discerning taste buds, making it an ideal choice for special moments.


  1. PAWUP's Fish & Cod Series

Pit Bulls with a penchant for seafood will love our Fish & Cod Series. These treats are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat, plus they're packed with flavors that dogs adore.


  1. PAWUP's Cod Skin Roll

For Pit Bulls who enjoy a crunchy snack, our Cod Skin Roll is a top pick. Beyond being delicious, it's also a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids, promoting overall wellness.


  1. PAWUP's Chicken Wrapped Fish

Combine the goodness of chicken with the benefits of fish in these treats. Pit Bulls love the taste, and you'll love the health benefits they bring, like shiny coats and strong immune systems.


  1. PAWUP's Fruit & Vegetables Series

For the health-conscious Pit Bull owner, our Fruit & Vegetables Series offers a nutritious twist to snack time. These treats are packed with essential nutrients and a satisfying crunch.


  1. PAWUP's Chicken Wrapped Pumpkin Biscuits

Perfect for snack time or training, these biscuits blend the savory taste of chicken with the natural sweetness of pumpkin. They're a tasty combo that dogs can't resist.


  1. PAWUP's Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potato

Sweet and savory unite in these treats. They're not just delicious; they're also rich in nutrients, making them a healthy choice for your Pit Bull.


  1. PAWUP's Fruit & Vegetables Chewies

Chewy snacks like these are a great way to keep your Pit Bull occupied and happy. They're not only tasty but also promote dental health and offer a satisfying chew.


  1. PAWUP's Rawhide or Rawhide-Free Series

In our commitment to catering to every Pit Bull's unique preferences, PAWUP proudly presents the Rawhide or Rawhide-Free Series. This series is tailored to meet the diverse tastes and dietary needs of your powerful pup.


  • Bones Chew: For the classic chewing experience, our Bones Chew offers a satisfying crunch and helps maintain dental health. Choose from rawhide or rawhide-free options to suit your Pit Bull's preferences.


  • Donuts Chew: The Donuts Chew is a playful twist on traditional treats. Whether your Pit Bull prefers the classic rawhide or the rawhide-free variety, these donut-shaped delights offer hours of chewing enjoyment.


  • Calcium Chew: Keep those strong muscles and bones in top shape with our Calcium Chew. It's available in both rawhide and rawhide-free versions, packed with the essential nutrients your Pit Bull needs.


  • Stick Chew: The Stick Chew is perfect for the Pit Bull who enjoys a more extended chewing experience. Available in both rawhide and rawhide-free options, it's a versatile treat that satisfies their need to gnaw.


  • Peanut Butter Chew: Treat your Pit Bull to the creamy goodness of peanut butter in our Peanut Butter Chew. Whether they prefer the rawhide or rawhide-free version, this is a flavor they'll go nuts for.


With PAWUP's Rawhide or Rawhide-Free Series, you have the flexibility to choose treats that align with your Pit Bull's taste preferences and dietary requirements. These treats are designed to keep your powerful companion content, healthy, and engaged during snack time. With PAWUP's selection of dog treats, you can provide your Pit Bull with a variety of options that are both delicious and nutritious. Show your mighty companion some love with treats that keep them strong, healthy, and oh-so-happy.