National Puppy Day is Almost Here!

National Puppy Day is Almost Here!

There are national days set aside for just about everything you could ever love. There’s a holiday set aside for moms, a day for chocolate, a day for snuggling, even a no diet day, so it only makes sense that puppies would get a national day, too.


We melt when we see a sweet little baby. Why do we have the same reaction when we see a puppy? It’s because we naturally feel captivated by these little, innocent creatures. We look them over seeing their big eyes, soft fur and huge “grow into” paws and we just think “awwww.”


March 23 is National Puppy Day. The day has been set aside to help make people aware that puppies need a caring, loving home. It’s a relatively new holiday created by pet advocate and author Colleen Page. Colleen, in addition to recognizing how wonderful pets are, had a mission to why she wanted the holiday established—to educate people about and fight against “puppy mills.”


Decades ago people thought of a puppy mill simply as a substandard kennel where dogs were kept in bad conditions. Now a puppy mill can refer to any large scale commercial dog breeding facility where profit outranks the care of the dogs housed there. It can be a place of disease and overcrowding. It’s estimated that thousands of these puppy mills exist and the dogs from these facilities are sold online or through pet stores.


Here are some ways to Celebrate National Puppy Day:

#1 First, and most importantly, start by cuddling up with your puppy recognizing how important and lovable they are to us.

#2 Visit the National Puppy Day website which has valuable information about puppies and information on adoption.

#3 Consider adopting a puppy! But what is the right kind of puppy for you? Watch the video below to find out.

#4 Donate money, food and toys to your local animal shelter.

#5 Write your Congressman and ask them to support the ban of puppy mills in your state.