Pet Tip of the Day - Diabetes in Dogs

Pet Tip of the Day - Diabetes in Dogs

Diabetes mellitus, a disease in which the pancreas secretes less insulin and raises blood sugar.

Symptoms of diabetes in dogs:

1. Reflected in the amount of water consumption, will drink a lot of water, and then urine increased and strange smell, go to the toilet more frequently.

2. Increase in the amount of food, become able to eat, but do not grow weight instead of losing weight, weight will also lose.

3. The dog's hair will be dry, lose color, have no luster, and the hair loss will be serious.

4. Sugar dogs are usually accompanied by severe vision loss, cataracts will appear in about a month, the eyeballs become gray and white.

5. And diabetic dogs are generally depressed, lethargy and fatigue; in severe cases, vomiting, diarrhea, sticky blood stools, ketosis hospitalization.

Dog diabetes sugar control guide:

1. Reduce starch intake, dog food selection of low-fat or prescription food, you can also reduce the dog food feeding, plus homemade dog rice, low-fat meat cooked plus vegetables, etc., to replace part of the dog food.

2. Guide the dog to drink more water to increase the body's metabolic rate.

3. Exercise, exercise about 1h per day, avoid strenuous exercise, swimming is a good choice, especially for dogs with joint problems at the same time.

4. Snacks, canned food, freshly sealed packages and so on to reduce feeding, the diet structure must be controlled low-fat and low-sugar.