Pup-ular: 10 Vital Doggy Facts for Pet Owners!

Pup-ular: 10 Vital Doggy Facts for Pet Owners!

Are dogs nearsighted or farsighted?
Dogs are farsighted. For fixed targets, dogs can only see up to 50 meters, but for dynamic targets, dogs can capture up to 1,000 meters, and trained sheepdogs are said to be able to see up to 1,500 meters away.

Do adult dogs still need toys?
Very much. You usually work not much time to play with the dog, you may want to buy more toys for the dog. Because toys for dogs, can play the role of past time, so that in waiting for you to go home time is not so boring. Some toys can help dogs clean their teeth and prevent dental calculus which is good.
Note: To avoid the toy is too small, causing the dog accidentally swallowed!

What is the normal body temperature for dogs?
The normal body temperature of a puppy is 38.5℃-39.5℃. The normal body temperature of adult dogs is 37.5℃-38.5℃.

Do dogs dream?
This is the same as humans, dogs also dream. Sleeping and whispering woofing, probably dreaming of fighting with other dogs!

How long do dogs live?
Dog life expectancy is generally 10-20 years, the highest longevity record is 34 years.
What sense of smell do dogs rely on to choose their food?
Dogs rely on the sense of smell to choose food, the dog's sense of taste and vision are relatively poor, but the sense of smell is exceptionally sensitive. So many times, dogs often eat some smell, but the taste is very poor food, so picking food is very test shoveler.

How many hours does a dog sleep a day?
Dogs need about 15 hours of sleep a day. Older dogs and puppies need to sleep longer, and younger dogs sleep less.

Why do dogs often stick out their tongues?
The dog's sweat glands are on the tongue with the fleshy pads of the paws, so the dog's spitting tongue indicates that the dog is hot. Need to give the dog a drink of water to cool down or quiet down to stop the activity.
Note: When raising your dog, try to avoid foods that are too salty. Food that is too salty will aggravate your dog's body load, which can cause your dog to get sick if it is serious. Food too salty flavor, but also very easy to cause the dog hair shedding, rough and shiny.

How many times a day should I feed my dog?
In fact, feeding your dog is like three meals a day for people. You can choose to eat less and more meals, or three meals a day at regular intervals. But whether there is enough nutrition in it depends on how you match the dog's staple food. Some people want to dog hair good, great body, but they are lazy and will not do the dog's meals, so most choose to feed food.

Are dogs color blind?
If the dog is color blind, a little inaccurate, it is not completely unable to see the color, its perception of color is similar to our human red-green color blindness. Dogs have only two kinds of cone cells in the retina, can only perceive yellow and blue, but this does not mean that they can not see the red and green, just for the red and green colors can not be distinguished. Humans have three types of cone cells in their retinas, so they can see more colors than dogs.