Puppy's Training Program Checklist

Growth Stage: 2-4 months

This period is usually when the puppy has just left its siblings and friends to come to our home, we give it time to adapt to the new environment at the same time, we have to do a good job of training planning, because this is the prime time to develop the puppy's life habits.

⚠️ Note:

Remember to do regular deworming and vaccinations for your puppy

Daily feeding needs to be paired with a transition to the food the puppy was previously eating

List of training programs

  • Crate training to get puppy to like the crate and do not bark while in the crate
  • Train to poop and pee indoors at regular intervals
  • Develop eating manners
  • Develop manners when go inside/outside of the crate/door
  • Basic socialization training


Training Objectives

  • To give the puppy the ability to be left alone and not bark in the crate.
  • Puppy will not poop anywhere and will be able to go to the bathroom at regular intervals.
  • Puppy will not be protective of food and will not be aggressive
  • Puppy will grow up to be a good puppy and will not get excited.
  • Puppies can recognize different scenes without fear and trepidation.

⚠️Tips: these five training in the dog's early years of training is very easy, but also once you miss the growing up is difficult to correct the 5 habits.


Growth Stage: 4-6 months

This is the period of time when the dog slowly interacts more with humans and needs to slowly integrate into the city and society. It is a period when the dog learns a lot and it is also a period when it is easy to train. It is also a very easy period to train your dog, so make sure you capitalize on it.

⚠️ Attention:

Train with more rewards and be patient and wait for the puppy to think for itself!

Basic training is prioritized over talent skill training


Training Program Checklist

  • Basic sit, down, set, handshake training
  • Food refusal training
  • Walk-along training
  • Roving training
  • Socialization training

Training Objectives

  • To enable the puppy to think for itself and make simple judgments
  • To prevent the puppy from eating things on the floor and avoid accidental ingestion of harmful substances.
  • Puppy can walk well when going out
  • Puppy can interact with us in an orderly manner
  • Let the puppy get used to blow-drying, bathing and nail clipping.


Growth Stage: 5-9 months

Most dogs are approaching adulthood, their bones and body shape are relatively mature, so they can gradually start to learn some sporty and competitive skills. Strengthen the dog's physical ability and kill the dog's energy.

⚠️ Note

Do not intentionally train your dog to stand, and also avoid daily climbing stairs and jumping behavior

Rest appropriately after heavy exercise training to protect your puppy's cardiorespiratory function.


List of Training Programs

  • Agility Training
  • Obstacle Course
  • Frisbee Training
  • Swimming

Training Purpose

  • Increase the amount of exercise and energy of the dog
  • Reduce walking time after exercise
  • Make the dog's muscles and physique more developed 💪

⚠️Tips: The specific training should be adjusted according to the situation of different dogs and the owner's training concepts.

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