Reason Why You Should not Look into Your Dog's Eyes

Reason Why You Should not Look into Your Dog's Eyes

Dogs, as man's most loyal friends, have a deep and complex emotional bond between us and them. However, while enjoying the good times with your dog, have you ever wondered why some people say you can't stare at your dog all the time?

First, let's explore this question from a scientific perspective. A dog's retina contains a special type of cells called optic rod cells, which are responsible for providing vision in low-light conditions. This cell allows dogs to see at night or in dimly lit environments.

However, this cell is very sensitive to light and when we look directly into our dog's eyes, the strong reflection of light may damage their retina. While dogs won't go blind from our stares, prolonged periods of looking directly at them could still pose a potential threat to their vision.

In addition to the scientific reasons, the psychological explanation is equally important. Much of the emotional communication between dogs and humans occurs through eye contact. Eye contact can convey emotion, build trust, and even serve as a form of communication.

However, prolonged periods of direct gaze can be disconcerting for dogs. Dogs are naturally wired to minimize conflict and threat by avoiding direct eye contact. Therefore, when we look directly at them for an extended period of time, they may interpret this as a challenge or threat and become nervous or fearful.

Additionally, looking directly into a dog's eyes may affect our emotional experience. When we look our dogs in the eye, our brain releases a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin is a substance known as the "love hormone" that enhances the emotional connection between people.

However, if oxytocin levels get too high, it can lead to dependency and anxiety in dogs. Therefore, if we look directly at our dogs for a long time, it may enhance the emotional connection between us and our dogs, but it may also cause us to develop an excessive sense of dependence.

Summary: Although looking directly into a dog's eyes is a way to express emotion, prolonged periods of looking directly into a dog's eyes may negatively affect the dog's vision and emotions. We should avoid looking directly into our dog's eyes for long periods of time and instead strengthen our emotional connection with our dog in other ways.