Reasons for Dogs Peeing Indiscriminately

Reasons for Dogs Peeing Indiscriminately

As soon as you get home you find your dog hanging in the corner hiding with a sheepish look on his face ....... Sure enough, he's peeing again❗️
So why on earth do dogs pee indiscriminately?

Reason 1: Disease Infection 🏥
There are several common diseases including bladder stones, kidney disease, diabetes are etc. that can lead to frequent urination in dogs. If your family dog suddenly develops a peeing behavior, it is recommended to get it looked at quickly!

Reason 2: getting older 👨🏻‍🦳
Older dogs often pee all over the place, and in addition to being susceptible to these illnesses/diseases, it can also be due to senile 🧓 dementia that makes them forget their previous training or simply forget where they are anymore. 🧠

Reason 3: fear, obedience, praying for forgiveness 😖
Some dogs will show their obedience by peeing after being scared, which is a form of communication that dogs use to emphasize that they are not a threat. Shy, timid 🥺 or dogs rescued from shelters may actually pee to ask for your forgiveness when scolded 🤬.

Reason 4: territoriality 📌
Many people know that dogs will mark their turf outside with pee 🦮, and usually untied dogs do it more often. But in fact, if there is a new guest in the house 👨🏻‍💼, or when you have a new pet, the dog in order to declare sovereignty 🔱 is also likely to pee in the house!

Reason 5: Excitement 🤪
Some dogs may leak or pee when they see someone they know and are excited to play 🤽🏻 . However, this behavior is more commonly seen in puppies under a year old. 🐕

Reason 6: Anxiety 😖
The dog only pees indiscriminately when you're not home and acts like he's having a hard time every time you leave. That's most likely separation anxiety/disorder causing the dog to pee anywhere. Also dogs may feel anxious and pee indiscriminately if they encounter unfamiliar surroundings, people or sounds 🔊.

🔴 What to do when faced with a dog that pees indiscriminately ❓ .
🔹- Stopping on the spot is the most effective way!
Interrupt him right away and take him to the right place to go potty right away~
🔹- Eliminate lingering odors
Use a special cleaner to completely remove the odor so they don't get more and more addicted to peeing!
🔹- Positive rewards work much better than punishments!
Reward them after taking him to the right place to go potty. Give a favorite snack with a touch and I'm sure he'll take it quickly!

🟡 There are reasons behind your dog's different behaviors and I am sure you will be more relaxed and comfortable with him after being patient.
🟡 Together, let's correct those bad habits of your dog in a more scientific way~