Safeguard Your Pup: Avoid These 8 Deadly Dog Walking Methods

Safeguard Your Pup: Avoid These 8 Deadly Dog Walking Methods

1. Let dogs climb, jump and stand 🚫
Dogs are reptiles of the spinal family, relying on all four limbs to walk on the ground, a long time or high frequency to let them stand or jump will lead to excessive pressure on the joints, long-term climbing, jumping and standing will cause irreversible damage to the joints, serious paralysis will result!

2. Walking your dog during hot times 🌡
The radiator of the dog is not developed, basically only rely on the tongue and feet to learn how to dissipate heat, in the hot time to walk the dog may lead to heat stroke, choose the early morning, evening cool time to walk the dog, bring a cup of water to ensure that they promptly replenish water!

3. Stop dogs in heat from going out 🚺
Dogs themselves need exercise, and it's okay to walk them during heat. If the pooper scooper is worried they can put their dog in proper physiological pants to prevent accidents.

4. Overprotecting Dog Socialization 🐾
Overprotecting small dogs from interacting with larger dogs may cause them to become fearful and develop problems such as barking and anxiety. Larger dogs are usually more tolerant and can benefit from leash-guided socialization.

5. Arbitrarily interrupting sniffing behaviors 👃
Preventing your dog from sniffing, exploring, and marking adequately may inhibit their natural social behaviors, much like people interacting on social media.

6. Irregular dog walking times ⏰
Irregular dog walking times may have a negative effect on your dog's body. Some dogs only defecate outdoors, which can lead to urinary tract problems if the time is irregular.

7. Explosive dog walking 💥
Explosive forced high intensity exercise just to tire your dog to be quiet in the house in a way that may increase the burden on your dog's body and raise potential health risks.

8. Walk your dog immediately after meals 🍲
Dogs have a short digestive system and walking your dog right away can lead to serious problems such as indigestion, vomiting and even acute gastric torsion. It is recommended to wait for some time after a meal before walking your dog

🐶 Walking your dog is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your dog, but make sure you pay attention to their needs to make this activity both fun and safe. Your dog will appreciate the care and attention you give them! 🐾❤