Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs in the Summer Heat

Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs in the Summer Heat

🌞 What are the signs of heatstroke in dogs?

πŸ”… When playing outdoors and your dog appears depressed, walks unsteadily, has protruding eyeballs and shivering limbs, it's very likely that he or she is suffering from heatstroke.

πŸ”… Dogs that are deprived of oxygen for a long time in an indoor confined space may experience a sudden rise in body temperature, mental blurriness, coma, foaming at the mouth, and panting, etc. Failure to cool down in time, or to supply oxygen, will cause the dog's temperature to continue to rise, making it easy to endanger its life.

🌞 What should you do after your dog gets heatstroke?

πŸ”… After the symptoms of heatstroke, you must promptly move the dog to a cool and ventilated place, immediately find ice, put it on the dog's head, armpits, thighs, etc., and slowly rinse it with cool water to cool it down, and after the consciousness is restored, depending on the severity of the situation, decide whether to send it to the doctor for treatment.

πŸ”… If the symptoms are mild, while continuing to water the dog, take πŸ’ŠPet's Blood Warmer and Exhale Nettle, by regulating the blood oxygen level and the function of the respiratory tract, to ensure that the dog's respiration can carry more oxygen and slow down the pressure on the heart, to ensure that the respiration is normal.

🌞 Proper prevention of heat stroke in dogs:

πŸ”… When your dog is out and about, be sure to drink plenty of water, be able to play in the shade, and never go to a heavily exposed pavement. When panting occurs, it is appropriate to drench your dog with water to cool down the heat. Choose to go out for a walk when the sun isn't as strong, or you'll be prone to heat stroke.

πŸ”… For long-haired dogs and dogs with thick cloak of hair, you can cut your dog's hair shorter to improve heat dissipation and reduce the risk of heat stroke.

πŸ”… Don't leave your dog alone in the car, it is very easy for a dog to die of heatstroke in the confined heat.

πŸ”… Also obese dogs should be careful to lose weight, as obese dogs are more prone to heat stroke due to their high heat production in the heat. In addition to paying attention to the weather conditions, you should also pay more attention to your daily diet to keep them from getting fat.