Signs That You Are The No.1 in Your Dog's Heart

Signs That You Are The No.1 in Your Dog's Heart

Want to know if your dog thinks of you as the most important person in his heart. You can tell by a few behaviors

1️⃣Whether your dog often stares at you
🔅 If a strange dog on the street keeps staring at him, the dog will feel that they are provoking and a fight will inevitably follow. If the dog doesn't feel that you're the most important person to him, he'll also feel stressed if you keep staring at him
🔅 Make all sorts of stabilizing signals: turn their head away, lick their nose and mouth, yawn, etc.
🔅 Your dog will stare at you from time to time to see what you're doing, expecting to get eye contact from you. According to research, dogs get a sense of pleasure themselves when they lock eyes with their favorite person.

2️⃣ Pay attention to the dog while taking them to a walk
✅ See if your dog look back at you frequently. In their hearts, the owner is the most important person and the leader of the walking activity, and they need to keep an eye on your movements.
🔅 If a dog is constantly tugging on its owner on walks, they loves you in their heart, but probably respects you as if you were its owner.

3️⃣ How excited is your dog to see you come home!
🔅 Being a dog's favorite person, they will be very worried when you are not around  and they might be thinking: why you haven't come back home yet? Or did you hang up while you were out hunting?
✅ As soon as they hears the sound of your car or footsteps coming home, they will definitely run to the door and wait immediately, ready to greet you in the most enthusiastic way.
🔅 As soon as you open the door, the dog will immediately pounce on you, hoping that you will rush to hug and pet it.
👀 If the dog will only wait at the door when you are off duty, you are usually the most important person to him.

4️⃣Does the dog turn over its belly and wait for you to pamper it
✅ A dog's stomach is one of their most vulnerable parts. Dogs in the wild will curl up when they sleep to keep their vulnerable tummies protected from other animals.
🍑 Some insecure dogs will also curl up to sleep. If your dog doesn't already trust you, he usually won't show his most vulnerable tummy to you.
👀 If you're the most important person to him, your dog will often happily spread his belly for you to pet him, and he may even get angry if you stop!

5️⃣Does the dog like to chew on your things
✅Dogs love the smell of their owner and items that smell like their owner.
🔅 Some dogs like to chew on the owner's shoes socks clothes, actually like the flavor on it, but the dog teeth are sharp always accidentally chewed.
🔅 If the dog likes to chew on your things, then it must care about you. If you don't want your dog to chew on your stuff, it's best to clean up your stuff and don't give it a chance to make a mistake.

6️⃣ How fast your dog calms down around you
🔅Dogs can become extra excited after seeing you, but they also become calm very quickly with a trusting owner.
🔅 Usually at home, if your dog often sleeps at your feet, it proves that he feels especially secure around you.
🔅 It's trust without words, just by being by your side it can huff and puff or even roll over and sleep on its belly.