Something You Need to Know about Dog's Socialization

Something You Need to Know about Dog's Socialization

Pet socialization has become today's pet cognitively improve the fashionable vocabulary, pets do have social needs, parents are also paying more attention to the development of pet social skills. However, pet socialization is not the more the better, and should not be forced to socialize, parents need to choose the most suitable for their pet's social ways, or will be too late.

The following circumstances do not recommend blind socialization

1. Adult dogs should not be excessive socialization. 5 months of age, the dog's sense of self-protection is getting stronger and stronger, adaptability, curiosity began to weaken. When the dog is fully sexually mature, the dog's curiosity and acceptance of strangers of the same kind will be reduced.

It is recommended that adult dogs have their own relatively fixed playmates, as socialization needs are no longer a priority for adult dogs, and the companionship of their owners and familiar companions can make them more enjoyable. This is why many breed parties either have dogs fighting in a ball or dogs refusing to socialize on the side.

2. Dogs with restless and aggressive personalities are not suited for forced socialization. Restless dogs take longer to adjust to new environments, people and kindred spirits, so every new socialization scenario for them is a huge stressor. While they still have a need to socialize, they cannot over-socialize or they will become more restless instead of improving. Aggressive dogs are not good candidates for socialization because all dogs except adaptive dogs are threatened.

3. Dogs of 5 months old who are too active and curious are not suitable for socialization according to size, age and other factors. This can cause these cheerful or confident dogs to lose the opportunity to read the body language of large adult dogs and become too self-centered, making them susceptible to being attacked in adulthood.

4. The same cheerful type of dog, there is a physical disadvantage is not suitable for long-term socialization with the physical advantages of the dog, easy to cause social frustration, and even physical injury. For example, short legs can not run long legs, short nose dog breed physical strength is not as good as the normal structure, the body of the slender play but the body of the solid.

5. There are physiological problems are not recommended excessive socialization, such as estrus, pain, obesity, etc.. Because physical problems can lead to emotional instability, socialization can also pose a great risk.

Socializing with other dog is not socialization! Socialization is a skill that dogs should acquire at a young age, and socializing with other dog is a natural necessity to meet the needs of the dog for survival as a pack animal.
Socialization is not exercise! Socialization is more about interaction and communication on a cognitive level, and exercise may be an ancillary product.