The Essential Checklist for Senior Dog Care

The Essential Checklist for Senior Dog Care

1: In terms of food and drink, try to cook homemade. Older dogs don't exercise much, meat can be made less, and give more vegetables, you can add some fish inside the homemade, or oysters, meat choose some mild meat (chicken, duck, rabbit) You can eat raw vegetables as much as possible to let the dog eat raw (as little as possible to heat processing) such as kale, cucumbers, apples, can be eaten raw, do not need to be heated ~ for the carbohydrates, you can choose oatmeal, pumpkin

2: Health care products: fish oil, coenzyme q10, joint care, probiotics, the basic of these, must always have, advanced version can be added chlorella, liver fluid, anti-inflammatory such as turmeric, mushroom powder, berry powder, taurine

3: Vaccines: vaccines should not be over-injected, it is easy to stimulate some neurological problems. Especially strong rabies vaccine is very easy to stimulate encephalitis, epilepsy, so middle-aged and elderly dogs, you can check the antibody every year, basically do not need to go to the vaccine every year.

4: Deworming: deworming medicine is also a kind of poison, so don't listen to a lot of businessmen say once a month, young puppies if long-term once a month deworming, older, the load on the kidneys is really too big! If you have worms, you can deworm, but if you don't have worms, you don't need to deworm! For prevention, please choose Herbal Essential Oil Deworming, short acting deworming. My family sprays Dometic or other deworming essential oils before we go out to the grass, and deworming patches can be used too! Stop over deworming! There are also highly toxic dewormers that can very easily trigger neurological disorders in puppies! You must pay attention to ~ such as Yorkshire, Pomeranian, it is easy to have neurogenetic diseases of the puppy, the more cautious deworming ~

5: Living habits, elderly dogs slowly may begin to forget their good habits, such as peeing at home ~ he may begin to be a little confused ~ or because he can not hold his urine, so you can prepare for the dog's diaper, do not blame it, need to parents more patience, diligent replacement, diligent wiping!

6: Exercise, older dogs should try to run and jump as little as possible, you can use a stroller, take them out to socialize and avoid long walks. Consumption of energy can be through sniffing, rather than walking five kilometers a day that kind of ~ on the joints, hip joints, are pressure, joint problems are not obvious in the early stage, the dog will not hurt, wait until there is wear and tear, pain, can be late. And don't let the dog overweight !!!! Control diet, a lot of internal diseases, are because of fat ~ (same as people) so don't overindulge, puppies look at you, you give good food, please start for their health first!

🐶 I hope all puppies have a quality later life ~ stay away from illness and have fun enjoying their later years!