The Scientific Approach to Hydrating Your Canine

The Scientific Approach to Hydrating Your Canine

🐶 How much water does a dog need to drink in a day?
Depends on: size, activity level, food eaten (dry/wet food)

👉 Normally:
Puppies need about 100 to 150 ml of water per kg of body weight per day.
Adult dogs need about 60 to 120 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight per day.
A dog that drinks less than 40ml of water per kilogram of body weight is considered low.
Drinking more than 100ml of water per kilogram of body weight is considered too much.

👉 Why don't dogs like to drink water?
1. When the ambient temperature is too low, especially in the fall and winter, the dog's water intake will be significantly reduced, which is a normal phenomenon.
2. Dogs in the unweaned stage or high water content in the food, so the dog will appear to drink less water.
3. The dog may have just finished drinking water and has no desire to drink for the time being.
4. The dog is frightened, resulting in nervousness and fear and do not like to drink water.
5. Dog disease, if the dog suffers from urinary tract diseases, like urethral stones, cystitis, urethritis and other symptoms, therefore leading to the dog to appear depressed, loss of appetite, drink less water.
6. Dogs drink the rest of the water will have impurities and dust, the water quality is not good will also affect the amount of water the dog drinks.

👉 Factors affecting dogs drinking too much water?
1. Eating dry food
2. Dog weight
3. Sodium intake
4. Too much exercise
5. Seasonal changes
6. Drug stimulation
7. Disease factors

👀 Dogs can not drink:
1. Tap water
2. Mineral water
3. Overnight water
4. Hot water/ice water
5. tea
6. Drinks
7. Milk
8. salt water
9. "bad" water sources

👉 How to let yuour dog drink water scientificly?
1. Put a few more bowls filled with water at home, so that the dog can drink water anywhere.
2. Daily cleaning dog drinking water bowl and wipe clean, daily replacement of drinking water, to avoid bacterial growth.
3. Increase the water content of food, such as wet food, canned food to water, winter melon boiled in water, boiled chicken breast and so on.
4. Exercise with the dog more, to ensure daily exercise, then the dog's water intake will follow the rise. But do not drink water after strenuous exercise, it is easy to stomach cramps.
5. You can give your dog some dry food, so that the dog will take the initiative to drink water after eating.
6. Male some bone soup or broth for dogs with a little bit of salt