The Ultimate Dilemma, Should Dogs Be Neutered or Not?

The Ultimate Dilemma, Should Dogs Be Neutered or Not?

First of all, there are definitely pros and cons, it's up to the dog parents to choose!

-What are the benefits?

👉🏻 Can avoid some diseases from appearing

-Through the surgery, you can basically avoid the emergence of some diseases in dogs. For example:

Uterine pus retention in female dogs, false pregnancy problems, uterine and ovarian cancers, etc.

-Testicular cancer in male dogs (male dogs with cryptorchid defects are 14 times more likely to develop testicular cancer than other dogs)

👉🏻 Can reduce the chances of developing a number of diseases

-Female dogs who are spayed before the age of two and a half can greatly reduce their risk of developing breast cancer.

-Male dogs can reduce the risk of diseases such as enlarged prostate, infections and cysts. This includes prostate enlargement, which is a problem that occurs in many large male dogs over 5 years of age

👉🏻 Dogs will get along better!

-Female dogs will be spared the hassle of feeding during estrus and will no longer have a swollen, bleeding reproductive system that they instinctively lick all the time!

-After neutering, male dogs' sense of territory and aggressiveness will be diluted, and they will no longer regard other male dogs as competitors and targets of attack, and their character will become more docile.

-Reduce the behavior of male dogs lifting their legs to pee, and to a certain extent, change the "indecent behavior" of some male dogs who like to ride on other dogs, toys or people's feet (it's normal for some dogs to still show this behavior after the surgery).

-The first disadvantage of the surgery is that it can make the dog's feet look like the feet of other dogs.

One of the disadvantages of 👉🏻 is that it can make dogs obese.

Post-operative dogs are more prone to obesity due to hormonal changes, less exercise and longer sleeping hours. And excessive obesity can lead to a lot of problems, such as pancreatitis.

👉🏻 Bad thing No.2: Increase the incidence of some diseases

-Both male and female dogs will have problems such as declining thyroid function and increased chances of cardiovascular tumors after sterilization

If a male dog is neutered before the age of 1, his chances of developing bone cancer will increase significantly, especially in some large and medium-sized dogs. Other orthopedic diseases and cognitive problems in old age will also increase.

-Female dogs also have an increased risk of orthopedic problems after neutering, as well as an increased risk of other inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system if neutered too early. Incontinence and frequent urinary tract infections may also occur.

👉🏻 Bad thing #3: 💉Adverse reactions after vaccines will increase

-Dogs will have a certain chance to develop some adverse reactions, such as poor appetite, depression, and in severe cases may have high fever, convulsions, vomiting, etc.

-The probability of adverse reactions to vaccines in neutered dogs is much higher, which is supposed to be related to the fact that sex hormones help to weaken and eliminate adverse reactions.

-This is because the sex hormones help to minimize and eliminate adverse reactions.

👉🏻 Bad 4: Surgical Risks

-This is actually a minor surgery, but after all, there's surgical risks. For example, adverse reaction to anesthesia, internal bleeding, suture problems, as well as some infections and inflammation.

If your dog is overweight, then you must control their diet before they do the surgery.