The Ultimate To-Do Schedule for Your Furry Friend

The Ultimate To-Do Schedule for Your Furry Friend

Raising a dog is like raising a child, there's no shortage of things to do. But that's okay, here's a foolproof dog raising schedule for you to follow!

① Walk the dog
No matter how busy you are, you should walk your dog for at least half an hour every day. After all, it's much easier to be with a furry child than with your leader/boss.
② Wipe their butt
Wipe your butt after a stinky day, dogs need to save face too!
③ Wash the dog's bowl
Avoid breeding bacteria.
④ Clean their toilet
Wash the toilet regularly, otherwise it can smell awful, you know lol
⑤ Feed them
But remember to not overfeed your dog if they are not hungry or already full.

① Brush their hair
Avoid knotting 👏
② Brush their tooth
Protect their teeth and freshen their breath 🦷
③ Clean eyes
Avoid tear stains
④ Wipe their chin
Avoid darkening chin 👄
⑤ Vacuum your house
Vacuum deeply once a week 🧹

✅ Every half month
① Clip their nails
Be careful never to cut the blood line ‼️
② Bath
Normally you can do it every half a month, once a month during winter, occasionally once a week during summer is okay, and you must use pet-specific body wash, not those for human! 🛁
③ Shaving
If the technology can be, you can also give the dog personally design modeling haha
④ Cleaning ears
The method is in the picture 📝 Oh 📝 ⑤ toy cleaning
⑤ Toy cleaning
Keep everything your furry friend put in their mouth clean!

✅ Every month
① External deworming
Use topical drops on the back of the neck 💦 ✅ Every month
② Wash the kennel
Avoid harboring bacteria that can affect your dog's health.
③ Washing clothes
Dogs' clothes should also be washed regularly 👗
④ Sanitize the leash
The leash is in direct contact with the dog's skin and needs to be cleaned and sterilized on a regular basis 🦮.
⑤ Clean the bottom of the bed/sofa
It is easy to ignore the place, remember to clean it every month 🛋

✅ Quarterly
① Internal deworming
Be sure to dosage according to the weight of the dog, do not just eat ha ‼️
② Sofa cleaning
You can use a no-rinse spray to clean it 🚿 ③ cage cleaning
③ Cage cleaning
Regularly sprayed with deodorant disinfectant to keep it clean 🏚
④ Total disinfection of your home
Use profer disinfection product!!

✅ Every six months
① Rutting
4-8 months within the change is normal Oh, estrus usually lasts 3-4 weeks it 👩‍❤️‍👨
② oral care
Every six months, you can take your dog to the pet hospital to clean his teeth once 🦷.
vaccine enhancements
Dogs need a vaccine and a rabies booster every year 💉
Get a physical exam at least once a year, preferably once every six months for older dogs, your dog's health is most important!