The Wrong Habits of Masters - A Beginner's Guide

The Wrong Habits of Masters - A Beginner's Guide

1. Hit the dog if it doesn't listen:
Attention: This will lead to the dog  timid, insecure or lead to poor character, biting people
Solution: start training from 2-3 months, suggest training 10-20 minutes before meals

2. Let the dog stand from time to time
Points to note: This can lead to patella dislocation, cartilage damage, spinal deformation or backward deformity.
Solution: Reduce the dog's standing training and climbing exercise.
Appropriate supplementation of joint nutrients and chondroitin

3. Protecting food without timely correction
Points to note: it is easy to appear to protect toys, protect the territory, and attack people.
Solution: dog training, not directly feed, first keep calling the dog's name, put the food in front of it, and then give the command, each time near the dog bowl, you can put more delicious food than dog food snacks

4. Let them eat whenever and as many as they want
Attention: easy to lead to excessive obesity or anorexia, dog food is also easy to deteriorate caused by diarrhea Solution: daily regular feeding 24 hours to provide dog food

5. Frequent bathing for dogs
Attention: easy to destroy the skin layer of the protective film, triggering skin disease. Bath frequency: 7-10 days a bath during summer time and 15-30 days a bath during winter time.